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Darrell D. Barker

Vice President; Advanced Engineering
ABS Group of Companies Inc.

Darrell Barker is Vice President of Advanced Engineering for ABS Group. Prior to his current position, Barker was Vice President of Extreme Loads and Structural Risk. He manages a unit of more than 70 engineers conducting advanced modeling and simulation to assess the effects of extreme wind, seismic and blast loads, as well as fatigue and fracture effects, on a wide range of structures and equipment.

Barker has more than 30 years of professional experience in blast resistant design and construction. He has conducted threat assessments of more than 200 facilities for government agencies across the country and internationally. Barker has analyzed explosion hazards in petrochemical facilities and explosives processing operations. He has developed innovative solutions to protect buildings and personnel against these risks and conducted shock tube and high explosives test programs to validate analytical models. Additionally, he has conducted explosion accident investigations to determine proximate and root causes, working with clients to mitigate risks and provide safe operations.

Barker is a recognized industry leader in the field of explosion hazards mitigation. He actively participates in industry technical committees developing guidelines and best practices for explosion hazard assessment and mitigation. He is a contributing author for publications produced by ASCE, ACI and ASME. He has published more than 40 papers on explosion hazards, protective construction, dynamic analysis and blast testing.

Barker received a BSCE degree from the University of Arkansas and was elected to the Arkansas Academy of Civil Engineering. He is a registered professional engineer in Texas, Arkansas and Louisiana.


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