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Government, Marine: Safety, Risk and Compliance

What is the Proposed Cybersecurity Policy for US Port and Marine Facilities?

Read our insights on the new U.S. Coast Guard policy, and learn how we are leading research efforts to build a cyber risk framework for U.S. port and marine terminal facilities.Read More
Oil, Gas and Chemical: Safety, Risk and Compliance

Oil, Gas and Chemical Facility Recovery and Startup Support Following Flood Disaster

In the aftermath of natural disasters, it is important to be extra vigilant in adhering to process safety principles when restarting oil, gas and chemical facility systems. Learn more about natural hazards recovery risk management. Read More
Oil, Gas and Chemical: Safety, Risk and Security

Managing an Uncertain Threat: Cyber Vulnerability Assessment

How exposed are your technology systems to cyber attacks that could result in major process outages or physical consequences? Read our insights into this uncertain threat.Read More
Oil, Gas and Chemical: Technical Inspection and Verification

Addressing Mechanical Integrity in Oil, Gas and Chemical Facilities

[Executive Perspective]
Inspection plans should be designed to proactively detect and quantify the risk of damage. Learn more about our experience and approach developing cost-effective and compliant mechanical integrity programs.Read More
Oil, Gas and Chemical: Safety, Risk and Compliance

Addressing Human Factors in Bowtie Risk Assessment Method

Gain insight into CCPS and the Energy Institute's Concept Book and addressing human factors in the Bowtie risk assessment method. This topic was presented at the Hazards27 Conference in Birmingham, U.K., in May 2017.Read More
Asset Performance Optimization

IIOT and Remote Assets: Changes to the Enterprise Asset Management Landscape

Read how the industrial internet of things (IIOT) is changing the ways in which organizations monitor and maintain remote assets as granular data is collected from machinery in remote locations.Read More
Oil, Gas and Chemical: Safety, Risk and Compliance

How to Perform a Damage Mechanism Review

Performing a damage mechanism review (DMR) has become an important step in developing an effective mechanical integrity plan in the refining and chemical processing industries. Gain more insight into the DMR process.Read More
Oil, Gas and Chemical, Other Markets: Safety, Risk and Compliance

Infographic: Managing the Risks of Integrating IT and OT Systems

As companies integrate information and operational technology systems to pursue competitive advantages, how can they protect their assets from potential cyber exploitation? See our infographic to learn the basics. Read More
Power: Asset Performance Optimization

Risk, Performance and Cost: Striking a Balance in the Power Sector

To meet service obligations and financial targets, as well as optimize asset performance, power generation asset owners and operators must balance these three major variables.  Read More
Offshore and Marine: Asset Performance Optimization

Why Asset Integrity Management Matters

Our VP of Global Marine and Offshore explains how asset integrity management can help owners and operators of industrial assets improve the efficiency and return on investment of current and future operations.Read More
Marine: Technical Inspection and Verification, Asset Performance Optimization

LNG Trends: Five Solutions for the Emerging FLNG/FSRU Market

When a regasification project is on a fast-track path to commission, understanding how to manage risk is critical to safer, more efficient operations. Here are five risk based solutions to consider for managing FLNG/FSRU project success. Read More
Oil, Gas and Chemical: Technical Inspection and Verification

What You Need to Know about Damage Mechanism Reviews

A new safety element added to the proposed revisions to Process Safety Management regulations for refineries is the requirement for damage mechanism reviews (DMRs). Read our insights into the new DMR requirements and what you need to know to comply. Read More
Oil, Gas and Chemical: Safety, Risk and Compliance

Improving Process Safety Performance: We Wrote the Book

For more than 40 years, ABS Group has provided guidance to help process industries improve their process safety management and performance. See what publications we've authored for the Center for Chemical Process Safety.Read More
Oil, Gas and Chemical: Safety, Risk and Compliance

Addressing Cal/OSHA Process Safety Management Regulations

Which new PSM requirements could affect US petroleum refineries in 2017? Watch a video addressing the Cal/OSHA PSM Regulations and discover the resources available to help your organization understand and comply with the latest standards.Read More
Oil, Gas and Chemical: Safety, Risk and Compliance

Improving Management of Change Systems with Hazard Recognition

[Industry Article]
How can chemical process industries improve MOC systems? Learn more about hazard recognition in our article co-authored with Canadian Natural Resources and Valero Energy and published by AIChE in CEP magazine. Read More
Oil, Gas and Chemical: Safety, Risk and Compliance

Big Data Solutions for Pipeline Safety

[Technical Paper]
How can data analytics and better management of process safety data help pipeline operators comply with the new PHMSA regulations? Read our technical paper, which was presented at the MKOPSC 2016 International Symposium.Read More
Power: Asset Performance Optimization

A Short List of Best Practices for Combined Heat and Power Projects

View a short list of best practices for industrial and commercial energy users to mitigate risk and manage project success while implementing combined heat and power projects.Read More
Other Markets: Asset Performance Optimization

Asset Criticality Ranking: Value for Each Management Level

[Industry Article]
Why wait for failure to create its own discovery process? Read how asset criticality ranking helps organizations identify failure consequences for more effective reliability maintenance and enterprise asset management in Uptime Magazine.  Read More
Oil, Gas and Chemical: Safety, Risk and Compliance

What You Need to Know about California's PSM Regulation for Refinery Safety

What are the key takeaways in the proposed new requirements for improving refinery safety in California? We discuss 19 changes you need to know that will affect process safety management (PSM).Read More
Offshore, Marine: Technical Inspection and Verification

Three Valuation Methods for Appraising Marine and Offshore Assets

Appraisal analysis is a complex but vitally important task for any organization involved in asset financing, acquisition and/or operation. What are the three valuation methods for appraising marine and offshore assets?Read More
Offshore: Data Analytics and Data Management

Data Analytics Infographic: Changing Landscape of Gulf of Mexico Oil Production

View an infographic showing a fundamental shift in offshore oil production in the Gulf of Mexico due to a steady decline from shallow water fixed platforms and dramatic rise of high-producing deepwater assets.Read More
Offshore: Technical Inspection and Verification

Offshore Insights: Mechanical Integrity

Access article and white paper resources highlighting the risk-based approach taken by our mechanical integrity experts to assess, manage and track the condition of offshore and marine assets.Read More
Offshore, Marine: Technical Inspection and Verification

Corrosion Management and Asset Integrity: Aging Assets on Gulf States' Agenda

[Industry Article]
What are the asset integrity challenges facing aging offshore assets in the Middle East and globally? Our Marine and Offshore experts weigh in as part of the Corrosion Management feature in Petroleum Review magazine.Read More
Advanced Engineering, Safety, Risk and Compliance

Reconnaissance Report: Surveying Damage for Coastal Ecuador Earthquake

A reconnaissance team from our offices in Peru and California surveyed the damage from a magnitude M7.8 earthquake that occurred on the Ecuador coast in 2016. Request the preliminary report summarizing our observations and lessons learned.Read More
Marine: Safety, Risk and Compliance

Human Error: Getting to the Root Cause in Marine Forensic Investigation

[Industry Article]
How can understanding the human-system interaction provide insight into marine mishaps? More from our Human Factors Engineering team in Society of Naval Architects and Mechanical Engineers' (mt) magazine.Read More
Government: Safety, Risk and Compliance

Complying with OMB Circular A-123: The Push for Enterprise Risk Management

[Industry Article]
Public organizations must proactively identify and manage risk to comply with the United States Office of Management and Budget's Circular A-123 requirement. Read more insights from our Government team in FCW magazine.Read More
Other Markets: Asset Performance Optimization

Integrating HSE Asset Management for Safer, More Sustainable Work Environments

How can enterprise asset management solutions and compatible HSE asset management modules create safer, more sustainable work environments?Read More
Offshore: Technical Inspection and Verification

Ultra-Deepwater Innovation: Examining New Production System Designs

[Industry Article]
Read an article from Offshore magazine about how we helped evaluate the feasibility of a novel production platform design for the ultra-deepwater Gulf of Mexico.Read More
Marine, Oil, Gas and Chemical: Technical Inspection and Verification

Bunkering of LNG Fueled Marine Vessels in North America

Learn about the joint study we conducted with ABS to assist the marine industry with implementing the existing and planned regulatory framework for LNG bunkering. Read More
Data Analytics for Other Markets: Safety, Risk and Compliance

Data Analytics: Setting the Foundation for a Data-driven Business

[White Paper]
We describe the seven key factors required to succeed in Data Analytics so organizations can deliver significant improvements in organizational performance and safety. Read More
Government: Safety, Risk and Compliance

Redefining Enterprise Risk Management

[Industry Article]
Learn about adaptive enterprise risk management and why it is essential to have a structured and systematic method for prioritizing time-critical risks.Read More
Marine, Offshore: Safety, Risk and Compliance

Running a Risk: A Process for Seeing Decisions' Potential Risks and Adverse Effects

[Industry Article]
Read about risk-based decision making in our contributed piece for the May 2016 issue of Quality Progress, a publication of ASQ (American Society for Quality).Read More
Marine, Oil, Gas and Chemical: Safety, Risk and Compliance

Three Infrastructure Trends Shaping the Future of LNG

Discover three LNG infrastructure trends that will impact future projects and influence adoption rates.Read More
Offshore: Technical Inspection and Verification

Risk-based Inspection: A Methodology for Optimizing Efficiency

Risk-based inspection is an alternative to traditional, time-based programs. Consider how this proactive approach balances activity and resources with risk to achieve greater efficiency and reduced downtime.Read More
Other Markets: Asset Performance Optimization

How CMMS Software Turns Data into Asset Reliability

See how computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) software is integral to a proactive strategy for maintaining and managing your data.Read More
Offshore: Safety, Risk and Compliance

Associated Petroleum Gas Risks in Offshore Helicopter Operations

An ABS Group-led study could have a significant impact on improving the safety and reliability of helicopter operations offshore.Read More
Marine: Technical Inspection and Verification

Two Stages for Auditing Marine Environmental Management Systems

Implementing an environmental management system (EMS) could be one of the most important preventative measures. See what steps we take to assess an EMS.Read More
Other Markets: Safety, Risk and Compliance

Ten Keys to an Effective Root Cause Analysis Program

Is your organization struggling to implement an effective root cause analysis (RCA) program? Our Incident Investigation and RCA team offers 10 recommendations.Read More
Power: Asset Performance Optimization

The Future of Utility Asset Management

[White Paper]
GenesisSolutions analyzes two trends that will have the most noticeable effects on power utility operations.Read More
Oil, Gas and Chemical: Asset Performance Optimization

Peeking Down the Pipe: How EAM Fuels Tomorrow's Oil and Gas Industry

As oil and gas industries look toward the future, what trends will push businesses to adopt proactive maintenance as a means of enhancing their enterprise asset management?Read More
Offshore: Asset Performance Optimization

Optimizing Enterprise Asset Management with Reliability-based Maintenance

[White Paper]
See how we put the principles of reliability-based maintenance into practice. Read our white paper on this effective enterprise asset management strategy.Read More
Power: Safety, Risk and Compliance

Do You Know What's In Your EPC Supply Chain?

Increasing competition is driving your vendors and contractors to potentially new and unproven sub-suppliers. Are you effectively managing this risk?Read More
Other Markets: Safety, Risk and Compliance

Essential Features for Establishing a Strong Safety Culture

Management systems must be rooted in a highly reliable safety culture. Discover our checklist for improving HSE performance.Read More
Other Markets: Asset Performance Optimization

Four Reasons Why Reactive Maintenance is Costing You Money

Here are four ways the outdated reactive maintenance paradigm is costing your business money right now.Read More
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