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Why Asset Integrity Management Matters

Given the current market conditions and downturn in the offshore industry expected to continue, demand is increasing for technical services to help operators deliver optimal performance from existing assets and equipment. In this video, our VP of Global Marine and Offshore explains how ABS Group's approach to mechanical/asset integrity can help improve efficiency and performance of existing assets as well as provide a benchmark for clients to develop and implement an asset integrity management (AIM) program.

3 Key Areas of Asset Integrity

Our approach to the issue of managing integrity is providing a comprehensive suite of tools and services that help drillers and producers achieve world-class asset management and improve efficiency. Focused on the three key areas of 1) structural integrity, 2) mechanical and machinery integrity and 3) control systems integrity, these tools and services are designed to help asset owners increase uptime, reduce OPEX costs and maintain operational success.

We believe AIM can be used by owners/operators to optimize service life, safety and operational performance. ABS Group applies a holistic, risk-based approach to asset health monitoring and maintenance that can be carried out during operations to reduce nonproductive time and improve return on investment.

Life Extension Services

Life extension is another focus area as asset owners consider prolonging the service life of existing assets. As many floating production installations approach the end of their design life expectancy, asset owners and operators are looking for ways to extend these units' onsite service in a safer, more reliable and compliant manner. ABS Group has developed a methodology for owners to evaluate their assets and determine if these units can continue beyond their intended design lives.

Corrosion Management

Another challenge is corrosion of offshore structures, which can result in potential safety issues and can incur significant operational costs as the structure ages. To mitigate this risk, we provide technical solutions that support a full life cycle approach to corrosion control and AIM.


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