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Cal/OSHA PSM Regulation for Refineries Toolkit

Cal/OSHA PSM Regulation for Refineries

Effective October 1, 2017, California refiners will need to comply with recently revised process safety management (PSM) regulations to minimize process safety hazards at petroleum refineries. Refiners must comply with a range of new requirements including addressing damage mechanism review, safeguard protection analysis and human factors. According to the California Occupational Safety and Health Administration (Cal/OSHA), key features of the upcoming regulations include:

  • Increased employer accountability for the mechanical integrity of refinery equipment
  • Requirements to adopt inherently safer designs and systems to the greatest extent feasible
  • Increased employee involvement in all aspects of the safety and prevention program
  • Periodic workplace safety culture assessments to evaluate whether management is appropriately emphasizing safety over production pressures
  • Requirements for investigations to determine root causes of any incidents that occur and develop interim and permanent corrective measures in response
  • Annual public reporting of refinery safety metrics under the California Accidental Release Prevention Program

ABS Group has authored and contributed to many of the process safety guidelines now followed by industry. Our safety, risk and compliance advisors based in our Texas and California offices have prepared expert-led guidance for complying with EPA/OSHA regulations.

Since 2016, our Process Safety team has conducted webinars and shared regulatory insights to help organizations understand the upcoming regulatory changes. Our toolkit combines these information tools and guidance related to the revised PSM requirements, including:


Cal/OSHA PSM Regulation for Refineries - Key Takeaways

Insight Article: What You Need to Know about California's PSM Regulation for Refinery Safety
By David Montague, Senior Vice President of Safety, Risk and Compliance; and Tazim Rehmat, Principal Engineer, Process Safety

Discusses 19 key changes that will affect process safety management

Improving Process Safety and HSE Management Performance

Executive Perspective: Improving Process Safety/HSE Management Performance
By Steve Arendt, Vice President Global Oil, Gas and Chemicals

Provides an overview of our risk based approach to help improve process safety and HSE management performance in oil, gas and chemical facilities

ABS Group Webinars

Exclusive Access to ABS Group Cal/OSHA Presentations


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