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LNG Bunkering Regulations Toolkit

LNG Bunkering Regulations

ABS, our parent company, developed a guidance document as part of a landmark study addressing the bunkering of North America's first LNG fueled vessels. As part of the study, ABS Group helped identify the safety and risk factors, create a regulatory framework and compile lessons learned from these first adopters of LNG as a fuel in North America.

Our LNG Bunkering Toolkit includes the following regulatory guidance resources:

LNG Bunkering Bunkering Report - 2nd Edition

2015 ABS LNG Bunkering Guide
2nd Edition

Bunkering of Liquefied Natural Gas-fueled Marine Vessels in North America

ABS Group Webinars

Exclusive Access to ABS Group Webinar Presentations

Addressing our LNG experience, hazard and risk management for LNG developments and the industry shift in North America from import to export facilities

LNG Bunkering Map

LNG Bunkering / Facility Maps

Bunkering Vessel and Facility Development Processes

LNG Bunkering Regulatory Framework with Checklists

LNG Bunkering Regulatory Framework with Checklists

Potentially applicable regulations, codes and standards for LNG Bunkering in the United States

Regulatory Framework Addresses LNG Bunkering Safety and Risk Factors

Regulatory Framework Addresses LNG Bunkering Safety and Risk Factors
Project Profile

Demonstrating how ABS Group worked with industry and regulators to:

  • Review international, local and regional requirements for LNG bunkering operations
  • Identify technical challenges associated with evolving vessel designs, emerging technology and infrastructure developments
  • Develop safety risk assessments for unique hazards and risks associated with bunkering operations
  • Evaluate future looking LNG bunkering activities in North America, such as SIMOPS
LNG Bunkering Infrastructure Trends

Three Infrastructure Trends Shaping the Future of LNG
By Charles Mitchell, Vice President, Oil, Gas and Chemical

Discover three LNG infrastructure trends that will impact future projects and influence adoption rates

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