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Project Profiles

Discover how we've helped clients bring novel concepts to market, optimize certification management programs, enhance safety performance and reduce risk. View project profiles to see how our technical expertise applies across markets and service lines.

Oil, Gas and Chemical: Safety, Risk and Compliance

Implementing an HSE Culture Improvement Program for Middle East Refineries

Read how we are helping a Middle East national oil company develop a robust HSE culture to achieve operational excellence.Read More
Oil, Gas and Chemical: Technical Inspection and Verification, Safety, Risk and Compliance

Improving Pressure Equipment Integrity for ASME Compliance

Learn how our root cause analysis of an oil and gas pressure vessel identified key performance gaps related to mechanical integrity failure.Read More
Offshore: Advanced Engineering, Safety, Risk and Compliance

Determining MODU Design Loads Using Fuel Air Explosion Modeling Scenarios

 Learn how our computational fluid dynamic (CFD) modeling scenarios support the development of design blast loads for MODUs at the earliest stage of structural design.Read More
Industrial Manufacturing: Safety, Risk and Compliance, Advanced Engineering

Quantifying Seismic Risk Exposure for Global Beverage Company

Read about our solution to help a leading beverage company quantify and manage their natural hazards risk at a large brewery in one of the most active earthquake zones.Read More
Industrial Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical: Safety, Risk and Compliance

Critical Asset Safeguards for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Learn how we provided a critical asset safeguard evaluation to support technical and operational excellence for a pharmaceutical company's manufacturing assets.Read More
Power: Safety, Risk and Compliance

NERC Cybersecurity & CIP Compliance Solution for Renewable Operators

Explore how we helped a renewable operator assess cybersecurity risk and develop a compliance program that meets NERC CIP standards.Read More
Industrial Manufacturing: Safety, Risk and Compliance

Managing Process Hazards for Auto and Aerospace Systems Manufacturer 

See how we helped a British multinational automotive and aerospace components company implement a bowtie risk management solution to reduce workplace safety hazards.Read More
Marine: Safety, Risk and Compliance

Cybersecurity Risk Framework for Marine Navigation & Control Systems

Read how ABS Group's Safety, Risk and Compliance team performed a cyber risk, vulnerability and consequence analysis for maritime navigation and control systems.Read More
Power: Safety, Risk and Compliance

Assessing Nuclear Power Control & Instrumentation Systems

Learn how we conducted an independent safety, risk and compliance assessment of nuclear safety related control and instrumentation (C&I) systems to support an international power generation company's aging and obsolescence strategy.Read More
Government: Safety, Risk and Compliance

Implementing an Effective Enterprise Risk Management Strategy

Read how our strategic enterprise risk management (ERM) framework is helping an organization gain critical insights into key risk drivers that could affect its operational and mission success.Read More
Oil, Gas and Chemical, Power: Safety, Risk and Compliance

Utilities Risk Assessment for Global Chemical Manufacturing Site

Explore our risk assessment methodology for evaluating the reliability of an integrated power distribution system and reducing the potential for unexpected shutdown at a chemical company's largest manufacturing site.Read More
Marine: Technical Inspection and Verification

Newbuild Due Diligence Services for Financial Institutions

What are the technical and financial risks associated with marine newbuild projects? See how we helped a financial institution understand and monitor project risk, compliance, scheduling and costs for an EPC project.Read More
Offshore: Data Analytics and Data Management, Safety, Risk and Compliance

A Data Analytics Framework for Identifying Risk in Offshore Operations

Unlock our insight into developing risk-informed data analytics to identify critical components in offshore operations.Read More
Marine: Safety, Risk and Compliance

A Regulatory Framework for LNG Bunkering Safety and Risk Factors

Read about our joint study to develop guidance for the marine industry focused on complying with North America's first requirements for bunkering LNG fueled vessels.Read More
Offshore: Safety, Risk and Compliance

Evaluating Risk for Deepwater Oil and Gas Technology

Learn about the risk-based framework, barrier risk models and process guidelines we developed for assessing novel and advanced offshore technology applications.Read More
Government, Other Markets: Safety, Risk and Compliance

Improving Mining Safety Using Risk, Preparedness and Readiness Models

How can the mining industry limit risk and improve safety in mining operations? Learn more about our Government team's risk, preparedness and readiness models for the Mine Safety and Health Administration. Read More
Marine: Technical Inspection and Verification

Fleet Condition Assessments: Risk Ranking Aging Marine Vessels

Explore our condition survey process and custom risk matrix solution for retrofitting vessels in an aging maritime fleet.Read More
Oil, Gas and Chemical: Advanced Engineering, Safety, Risk and Compliance

Developing a Scalable Approach for HPHT Facilities

Discover how ABS Group developed a scalable method to design and build safe, consistent and cost-effective high-pressure test cells.Read More
Oil, Gas and Chemicals: Management Systems Certification

Global ISO, OHSAS Certification Program Lowers Costs by 40%

Read how ABS QE, our Management Systems Certification subsidiary, implemented a multi-site, integrated program to optimize audit volume and lower costs for a global chemical company.Read More
Offshore, Government: Safety, Risk and Compliance

Human Factors Engineering Team Studies Risks to Offshore Flight Safety 

Read how ABS Group's Human Factors Engineering team conducted scientific and technical analyses of flight safety risks such as methane gas ingestion and fatigue. Read More
Power: Technical Inspection and Verification

Design Certification for Innovative Wind Platform

Learn how our Power team is providing third-party certification and design verification for a new semisubmersible floating platform foundation concept offshore Europe.Read More
Offshore, Marine: Asset Performance Optimization

AIM Strategy Reduces FPSO Maintenance Backlog 40%

Learn how an optimized Asset Integrity Management (AIM) plan improved critical maintenance activities for an offshore operating company.Read More
Power: Asset Performance Optimization

Utility Company Gains Enterprise Efficiency with EAM Solution

See how we implemented a significant enterprise asset management upgrade and consolidated software systems across divisions.Read More
Other Markets: Advanced Engineering, Safety, Risk and Compliance

Structural Engineering Evaluation and Analysis of Foothill Transit Headquarters

Read how we evaluated the potential impact of a seismic event on a California company's headquarters and determined the cost of retrofit options as part of our recommendations.Read More
Offshore, Marine: Safety, Risk and Compliance

Global Training Program to Improve Process Safety Performance 

To foster an effective and sound process safety culture, a global offshore corporation looked to ABS Group to develop and implement a robust Process Safety Management (PSM) training program.Read More
Power, Government: Safety, Risk and Compliance

Recommendations for BSEE: Offshore Wind Safety Study

BSEE selected ABS Group to survey inspection regulations, standards and practices for the emerging offshore wind industry on the OCS. Read more about our analysis.Read More
Other Markets: Advanced Engineering, Safety, Risk and Compliance

A Multi-Hazard Design Solution for Emergency Communication Center

Learn how we managed advanced analysis, structural design and construction phase services for the St. Louis County Emergency Communications Center.Read More
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