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General Services Administration

Maximizing Operational Effectiveness

We provide services to the General Services Administration (GSA) under the Performance Management (PM) and Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA). The government-wide vehicle will allow agencies to procure a comprehensive set of services to maximize operational effectiveness. The services available include:

  • Strategic Planning and Performance Management
  • Strategic Business Analysis
  • Process and Performance Improvement
  • Communications and Change Management
  • Training, Certification and Recognition

This strategic sourcing initiative from GSA will enable agencies to develop requirements, processes, procedures and tools that can be leveraged and streamlined throughout the Federal Government. It will establish mechanisms to increase savings, value and socio-economic participation, as well as identify gaps in agency strategies, goals and initiatives that will allow time for corrective action.

Federal Supply Services 

GSA Professional Services Schedule (PSS), Consolidated: This consolidated contract provides for a full range of services, including strategic planning for technology programs/activities; concept development and requirements analysis; system design, engineering and integration; test and evaluation; integrated logistics support; and acquisition and lifecycle management.

In addition, this GSA Schedule provides for integrated consulting services and integrated business program support services, which include project and programmatic risk management; quality and performance improvement; environmental compliance; and training and support functions.

These services are obtainable for the primary disciplines of civil, mechanical, chemical and electrical engineering and all required subdisciplines to meet task order requirements.

To find our catalog of professional services, visit the GSA Contractor Listing.

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