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ICRI Awards Advanced Engineering Division for 2016 Repair Projects

March 29, 2017

ABS Group has been awarded the 2016 Outstanding Concrete and Masonry Historical Repair Project Award and 2016 Outstanding Transportation Concrete Repair Project Award by the Great Plains Chapter of the International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI). 

ABS Group and Superior Waterproofing and Restoration Company were awarded the 2016 Outstanding Concrete and Masonry Historical Repair Project Award for repair of the Historic Hotel Ignacio in Saint Louis, Missouri. Masonry façade deterioration distress in the 110-year old structure prompted an expedited assessment of existing conditions. ABS Group worked closely with Superior Waterproofing and Restoration Company personnel to assess conditions during a selective demolition investigation. Structural investigation services included assessment of cinder concrete floor slab conditions throughout the structure and design of unique reinforcements that allowed installation around congested access conditions. Repair design included galvanized steel elements and use of corrosion-resistant repair materials to provide long-term durability for the repaired structure, as well as retrofit elements to meet current building code requirements.

ABS Group was awarded the 2016 Outstanding Transportation Concrete Repair Project Award for the East Vehicle Ramp Repair in Saint Louis, Missouri. The heavily used ramp provides vehicle access to a rooftop parking facility that is fully-utilized 24 hours a day. Structural assessment by ABS Group revealed severe reinforced concrete deterioration that was repaired by demolition of the ramp slab, restoration of supporting structural framing and reconstruction with epoxy-coated reinforcing steel with corrosion-resistant repair mortars and concrete. Close, on-site constructing administration services provided real-time assessment of existing conditions uncovered by demolition work. Expedited development of supplemental repair provisions assisted in maintaining construction progress.

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