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Chason Coelho

Human Factors Engineer; ABS Group

Dr. Chason Coelho is an ABSG Senior Human Factors Engineer with experience in human error prevention for various applications, such as human-centered design and risk management for aerospace, petrochemical, and marine industries. He is a published subject matter expert for perception, cognition, and biomechanics of human motor control, decision making, human reliability, error prevention, and human-system integration. He has expertise in applying human factors standards to meet regulatory requirements and routinely addresses issues such as systems logistics, operability and maintainability, and loss reduction from human error. Dr. Coelho did his doctoral research in cognitive neuroscience and biomechanics at Penn State University, where he also earned a Master of Science in human decision making. He has completed post-graduate certificate work in engineering safety at Texas A&M University, and he holds an Associate Safety Professional certification from the Board of Certified Safety Professionals. Prior to joining ABS Group, Dr. Coelho worked for Lockheed-Martin Space Systems as a Human Factors Design Engineer for the International Space Station Program at NASA Johnson Space Center. Dr. Coelho maintains an extensive teaching portfolio in addition to serving as the principal instructor for the ABS Group Human Error Prevention course.

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