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Gary Fitzgerald

Process Hazards/Advanced Engineering Division Director; ABS Consulting

Mr. Fitzgerald joined the Navy at the beginning of his professional life. He served as an Engine Room Supervisor and Leading Engineering Laboratory Technician for the submarine USS Silversides. Following his six years in the Navy, Mr. Fitzgerald spent six years in commercial nuclear power in the areas of Heath Physics, Chemistry and Training. Mr. Fitzgerald left the nuclear industry to complete his BS in Mechanical Engineering. He did so at the University of Texas, San Antonio with honors, and in three and a half years. He co-authored two professional papers while pursuing his BSME.

Mr. Fitzgerald's experience is concentrated on VCE blast load calculations, modeling high explosives, pressure vessel bursts (PVBs), BLEVEs and chemical runaway reactions. He has performed over 60 medium-scale VCE experiments that resulted in a proprietary VCE prediction methodology. He is one of ABS Consulting's primary engineers for facility siting of petrochemical buildings. He is on the API RP 752 task force writing the revision to the industry guide for facility siting. He is also a member of the CCPS steering committee revising the book on how to perform VCE, BLEVE and PVB calculations. Explosion consequences he evaluates typically include blast loads, cratering and fragment generation. Consequence evaluations can range from simple blast curve methods to numerical codes using computational fluid dynamics such as FLACS. He also has extensive experience with AUTODYN 2-D and 3-D hydrocode for modeling of condensed phase and compressed gas explosions and structural response from these events. Many of these blast loads predictions involved postulated terrorist threats on land and at sea for both the public and private sectors.

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