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In every market we serve, we use technology and knowledge to inspect and verify that assets are as they should be for the required stage of their development. Whether your project is a newbuild, major modification or conversion, our international network of third party inspectors can help you maintain safety, reliability and integrity in compliance with the applicable codes, standards and technical project requirements.

Regardless of the life cycle stage of the project – from procurement through operation – our independent reporting confirms the information you need to know so the appropriate decisions can be made.

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Solutions That Confirm Specifications, Requirements

Source Inspections and Expediting

Our Source Inspection services and expediting at supplier and vendor sites for manufacturers, owners and other stakeholders verify that the equipment or goods are manufactured in accordance with the client specifications and other applicable quality system requirements as specified.

Source inspection and periodic status reports are tailored to meet specific client needs and may include the following:

  • Product certification
  • Review of material test reports
  • Witnessing mechanical tests, factory acceptance tests, and hydrostatic and performance tests
  • Witnessing welders' performance qualifications
  • Witnessing nondestructive examination (NDE) and performing visual examinations
  • Review of weld procedure specifications and procedure qualifications
  • Examination of edge preparation, fit-up and dimensional attributes
  • Coatings inspections
  • Verification of quantities shipped, including proper packing and identification marking
  • Report of activity and release notes as requested

Engineering Review and Third Party Inspection

As an independent third party, we provide engineering review and verification at all project phases, from conceptual design to decommissioning. Our trusted technical advisors act on behalf of our clients to review and confirm that all engineering activities are carried out in accordance with the specified parameters and requirements.

Through this review process, we adopt a logical and value-added approach using good engineering practices applied to codes and standards to assess our clients' designs and documentation. Our final deliverable to the client is an independent and unbiased Statement-of-Fact reporting document.

Services provided to a cross section of industries include the following:

  • Analyses to verify design integrity of associated systems and equipment for compliance with applicable design codes and standards, project specifications and underlying safety issues
  • Criticality assessments to determine objectively where to focus verification activities
  • Reviews and calculations to address design adequacy for materials, structural strength, piping, instrumentation, fluid flow hydraulics, flare gas dispersion and heat radiation
  • Specialty services including building design, structural design/analyses services and vibration assessment and mitigation

ASME Certification

We offer Authorized Inspection Agency (AIA) services for various clients operating at nuclear and non-nuclear facilities for new construction and in-services inspections, in addition to the National Board Inspection Code (NBIC) for repair, alteration and replacement of nuclear and non-nuclear vessels at operating plants and facilities. We also offer quality control and technical assistance to manufacturers of boilers and pressure vessels preparing for ASME Certification.

Our team of qualified Authorized Inspectors can assist with developing the manufacturer's Quality Control Manual in compliance with applicable ASME Code Requirements and can provide Registered Professional Engineer Stamping Services. The deliverables for this service include review of the client's QA program, in-services inspection plan, maintaining a Record of Inspector Activity Log and annotating specific ASME forms.

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Related Services

Mechanical Integrity

Our MI experts perform equipment inspections and nondestructive testing services for fixed equipment such as pressure vessels, atmospheric storage tanks and piping.

Equipment Certification

We can handle your equipment certification needs for maintaining the appropriate levels of reliability, functionality and safety for systems, equipment, software, structures and procedures.


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