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Project Quality Management (PQM)

Decades of Quality Management Service

ABS Group has been a recognized provider of quality services internationally for over 40 years. Our global network of offices and multidisciplined team of engineers and scientists have the extensive consultancy, managerial and technical experience in the industry to implement a fully certified quality management system.

Serving as Project Quality Manager, ABS Group can represent the project owner's interests as a second party and provide the staff, systems and processes to monitor quality, cost and schedule. Alternatively, we can function as an independent third party to monitor and audit project performance to meet minimum safety and quality standards.

We can provide Project Quality Management (PQM) services for any or all stages of your project. We can then help establish ongoing in-service inspection and reliability programs to confirm sustained quality during operation for:

  • Integrated inspection services
  • Coordination and logistics

Our Technical Inspection and Verification team can provide overall quality management for your project or a range of specific services depending on the situation and needs.

Related Services

Management Systems Certification

Companies tap ABS Quality Evaluations to help them confirm the performance of their systems, people and supply chains. Our global network of auditors have applied our certification process to companies across many different industries including:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Oil, Gas and Chemical
  • Construction and Engineering
  • Information Technology

Source Inspections

We offer services to verify that the equipment or goods are manufactured to your specifications. There are a wide range of source inspections offered and can be set up at supplier and vendor sites. The inspections cover, among others:

  • Product certification
  • Review of material test reports
  • Witnessing mechanical tests, factory acceptance tests, and performance tests
  • Witnessing NDE and performing visual examinations
  • Coatings inspections
  • Verification of quantities shipped
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