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Software Integrity Services

Software Quality Engineering (SQE)

The quality of software is determined by the ability of the software to meet a set of defined requirements.  The software development lifecycle (SDLC) defines a common engineering approach to the development of software and software integration.  The ABS Guide to Integrated Software Quality Management (ISQM) outlines best practices for execution of the SDLC.  Whether you are seeking an ISQM notation or want support for your software quality processes, ABS Group can provide uniquely qualified personnel to help navigate the challenges of software and systems integration development in the offshore industry.

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Software Integrity for the Asset LIfe Cycle

A solid software integrity methodology assures critical software and control systems perform as expected after an extended operational program or when assets change owners or operators. ABS Group’s goal is to minimize downtime and risks associated with control system failure.  ABS Group provides third party witness for verification and validation of systems, software quality inspectors for new build and existing assets, and rapid response resources for incident investigations.

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Systems are increasingly exposed to external and uncontrolled access for upgrades or remote monitoring which can open the door for a cyberattack. Based on such vulnerabilities, the need for a comprehensive and robust cybersecurity program is evident.  Trust ABS Group, a global leader in integrating software solutions and services to protect your business by providing baseline and recurring security assessments, improving current policy and procedures, and providing on-asset awareness training.

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