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Addressing Human Factors in Bowtie Risk Assessment Method

By Mark Manton

Addressing Human Factors in Bowtie Risk Assessment Method

Bowtie analysis does not have an accepted methodology, only proprietary company or software guides, such as the comprehensive technical package provided by ABS Group and Salus Technical. In order to define a standardized Bowtie methodology for process industries, the Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS), together with the UK Energy Institute (EI), has developed the concept book Guidelines for Barrier Risk Management (Bow Tie Analysis), which also addresses the element of human factors.

As a leading process safety and risk management provider, ABS Group has contributed to numerous CCPS publications and was requested to provide guidance for this new CCPS/EI concept book. 

The aims of the concept book are to:

  • Share current good practices as per several global companies
  • Promote a more uniform application of the method and terminology
  • Address human and organizational factors using modern ideas
  • Avoid common errors

Learn more about the topic, "Representing Human Factors in Bowties as per the New CCPS/EI Concept Book," by requesting access to our presentation from the Hazards27 Conference in Birmingham, UK, in May 2017. In addition, register for a training course to learn more about Risk Management Using Bowties

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