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Business Assurance: What It Is and Why It Should Matter to Your Organization

ABS Quality Evaluations

Business Assurance through Management Systems and Certifications

What is Business Assurance?

Did you know the certification of a management system can be critical to the success of a business? Not only does it demonstrates that an organization has an effective quality management system, but that it fully meets its customers’ expectations along with continuously improving its operations.

As a world-leading certification body, ABS Quality Evaluations (ABS QE) works with companies to assure the performance of their business, systems, people and supply chains through management systems certification, verification, assessment and training. Our global network of auditors play an important role in helping organizations obtain the necessary certifications to get products or services to market.

Selecting a Business Assurance Provider

When it comes to selecting a business assurance provider, you'll find several options; however, the real challenge is finding the right provider for you. Sudden changes to your management system can lead to higher error rates in production, defective products, substandard service and ultimately dissatisfied customers. To avoid this, you want to ensure that your business assurance provider will work alongside you as a partner, providing the best expertise and training possible for the industries that you serve.

The Benefits of ISO Certifications

Today, International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certification is synonymous with quality. There are numerous benefits obtained through ISO certification, including the technological, economic and social advantages as a result of standardization. You can also improve the quality of your processes and products, better understand your business, enhance the consistency of your operations, reduce waste and save money and gain international recognition.

A company or business that has adequate certification can effectively develop a strong, quality culture. 

It is important to note that obtaining ISO certification simply to check boxes or ease market pressure is not likely to benefit your organization to the fullest. In fact, it can make the process a burden. Focusing on your long-term company goals and using a good management system to assist you will result in significant perks for your organization, as noted above. 

Top ISO Certifications to Consider

Several different ISO standards can guide your business. While some are industry-specific, several of the most popular standards remain broad and can be implemented into an organization for business excellence, regardless of the sector. Consider these top ISO certifications to ensure the high standards of your operations:

  • ISO 9001 accounts for Quality Management. This ISO sets out the criteria, regardless of size or industry, on how to put a Quality Management System (QMS) in place to better prepare your organization to produce quality products and services. With a strong focus on customers, the principles within this ISO place an emphasis on continuous improvement and top management processes.
  • ISO 14000 focuses on Environmental Management. This ISO is helpful for organizations that require practical tools to manage their environmental responsibilities. It sets a framework for an effective Environmental Management System (EMS) and is designed to allow organizations, regardless of size or sector, to measure and improve their environmental impact. 
  • ISO 45000 highlights Occupational Health and Safety. Similar in framework to ISO 9001 and 14001, 45000 aims to provide a healthy workplace for employees and visitors by creating safer working conditions. Directed at the top management of an organization, this ISO provides a framework to improve OH&S performance.
  • ISO 50001 addresses Energy Management. This ISO certification provides a framework for organizations to better use their data to understand and make critical decisions regarding energy use and promotes continual improvement in energy management efforts.

Why Choose ABS Quality Evaluations? 

Overall, our global network of auditors can play an important role in helping you obtain the necessary certifications to get your product or service to market. ABS Quality Evaluations can help provide confidence and peace of mind that your operating procedures and management systems are functioning properly, giving you a clear and competitive advantage in the marketplace.

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