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Data Analytics Infographic: Changing Landscape of Gulf of Mexico Oil Production

ABS Group Applied Technology and Data Analytics Services

Over the last 20 years, owners and operators have seen a dramatic shift in oil production levels in the Gulf of Mexico (GOM) as offshore facilities have moved into deeper, more challenging operating environments.

As resources from shallow-water reservoirs continue to decline and with output coming from fewer high-producing platforms and no new discoveries in the GOM, ABS Group's Data Analytics and Data Management team expects this trend to continue.

There were approximately 1,200 producing platforms in the GOM as of 2015. In the future, there may be less than 100 of these units producing in the region. With a concentration of production in such a limited number of platforms, risk and the potential for incidents is compounded. Safety, risk and integrity factors will need to be proactively managed to safeguard offshore operations and the environment.

This infographic indicates that fixed production will continue to decrease over time, and the loss of that production will, if economic conditions are right, be offset by relatively few new high-producing offshore deepwater platforms.

Gulf of Mexico Offshore Oil Production Infographic


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