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Improving Vessel Operations with Mobile Apps

Marine and Offshore Capabilities

How do mobile apps allow anytime, anywhere access to data?

Mobile solutions are helping bluewater, or ocean-going, vessels become more agile and responsive to the increasing business demand for digitalization, while also promoting operational safety and reliability.

NS Mobile, a capability within the NS Enterprise fleet management software, gives ship owners and operators "an easy data entry place," says Brandi Whitehurst. Crew and office personnel can safely and efficiently work from home, work while they are in a shipyard during drydock and work while they are traveling by connecting to vessel operations using a smartphone or tablet. "This enables mariners to capture information on the vessel at the point of work." 

How can a mobile platform help improve shipping operations? Because of 'anytime, anywhere' access to safety checks, work order maintenance and inspections, Whitehurst says.

As an extension of the desktop version of NS Enterprise, new safety and compliance features now available through NS Mobile include applications for crew work rest hours and job safety analysis reporting.

As companies begin to tap into existing data to drive improvements in health, safety and environmental performance, mobile apps are a benefit, helping ship owners and operators "build on a safety culture they already have," says Whitehurst.


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