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The Benefits of ISO Certification for the Construction Industry

ABS Quality EvaluationsISO Standards in the Construction Industry

Why Are ISO Standards Needed for Construction?

The construction industry is constantly growing to meet the demand for new homes, commercial buildings and infrastructure. Without a comprehensive Quality Management System (QMS) in place to balance this demand, companies can begin prioritizing decreased production times and costs, which can unintentionally lead to compliance penalties and safety risks for employees. Through ISO certification organizations can educate their workforce on how best to promote safety, efficiency and asset management.

Complying with Industry Standards

When a company begins a construction project, there are several processes and requirements that must be followed to comply with industry standards. In the industry of building and construction, ISO standards help codify international best practices and technical requirements to ensure buildings and other structures are safe and fit for purpose. 

ISO has over 1000 standards related to buildings and construction. These cover several areas, including structures, masonry, energy performance and sustainability, heating and cooling, concrete and cement, timber and design life, durability and service life planning and more. Complying with these ISO standards can allow your organization to successfully bid on projects, operate efficiently and respond to evolving industry demands. 

There are not many industries that expect ISO certification as a minimum but construction is one of them. Often without ISO certification, construction companies forfeit large bids that can support organizational success. So, why is this still a common roadblock?

  • Psuedo awareness and visibility. Organizations assume their management systems are up to the standards of ISO, or that their baseline compliance will cover the blind spots.
  • A lack of long-term investment. Company leadership does not always see ISO standard certification as a worthy investment, often afraid of losing time, money and resources in the process.

The Benefits of ISO Certification

The construction industry has shown reluctance to evolve when it comes to building systems, technology and emphasizing quality over convenience. Organizations that fall behind the curve are setting themselves up for unnecessary risks such as increased costs, threats to the safety of their workforce, and sanctions for not meeting compliance standards. Complying against ISO standards can help you avoid these risks, setting your organization up for future success, including:

  • Improved Customer Satisfaction- When an organization has its management systems under control, it shows in the work. When a project is completed on time with great care and emphasis on quality, the customer satisfaction index is pushed to another level. This will have a positive impact on a company’s brand and will instill confidence throughout the organization and amongst stakeholders.
  • Cost Reduction: By focusing on process improvement and efficiency, companies can limit the amount of risk they are exposed to and the incurred costs. When a company seeks to comply with a local or international standard such as ISO 9001, they are given a framework to build and improve upon which includes steps toward reducing operation costs.
  • Improved Safety Systems: Achieving compliance with standards such as ISO 45001 can contribute to creating an improved work environment focused on the health and safety of the workforce. 
  • Better Asset Management: The materials and equipment used in construction are highly valued and, as we’ve seen since the COVID-19 pandemic, are expensive and difficult to obtain in a timely manner. Standards such as ISO 55001 provide a framework for managing these assets, which are integral to the completion of a project and overall customer satisfaction.

Why ABS Quality Evaluations?

ABS Quality Evaluations (ABS QE) has front-end engineering design and construction management experience in a variety of industries around the world. Having worked with the leading international engineering, procurement, project and construction management organizations, we understand the needs and pain points that the construction industry deals with. With an array of service offerings and expertise, we can provide your organization with the highest level of training and certification available to meet compliance standards.  

Associated ISO Certifications To Consider

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 45001
  • Integrated Management Systems
  • Vendor and Supplier Assessments
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