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Project Profile

Evaluating Risk for Deepwater Oil and Gas Technology Applications

Read how ABS Group developed barrier risk models and process guidelines for assessing the safety and risk of new offshore oil and gas technologies.

Project Objectives

Project Overview

A client reviewed its existing procedures for evaluating the use of novel, new or emerging offshore oil and gas technologies for use in deep and ultra-deep water, as well as their associated risks. Following this assessment, the client identified the need to develop a risk-based framework for evaluating and processing plans that propose the use of new or advanced offshore technology. The client also required guidance for the smooth adoption of a new technology assessment process by operators, as well as a separate guide for engineers reviewing the plans.

As an independent third party working closely with the offshore and marine industries and regulatory bodies, ABS Group was selected to develop a risk-based framework, emerging technology scenarios and process guides. Our proposal to help screen and categorize new and advanced technologies and their offshore applications leverages the Barrier Model approach and considers both safety and environmental risks.

Client Needs
  • Need for risk-based framework for evaluating new and advanced oil and gas technologies for deepwater operations
  • Model emerging technology scenarios
  • Need for guidelines to assist both operators and engineers with review of technology applications


Our Solution

To create a process for evaluating new, advanced and emerging technology proposals, ABS Group assembled a team of safety and risk management engineers located across three continents. Three core teams were created to manage the key project objectives: the Risk Assessment Team, Barrier Analysis Team and Process Guide Team.

Lead Risk Assessment with Expert Teams

Our three teams, guided by a project management team, met with the client early in the project to develop five relevant emerging offshore technology scenarios. Using standard risk assessment methodologies, we analyzed the safety and environmental risks associated with these five applications.

Create Barrier Analysis Models

Equipped with research and risk assessment results, the Barrier Analysis Team developed a Barrier Analysis Model Template that can be used by oil and gas operators proposing the use of novel, emerging and advanced technologies in deepwater/ultra-deepwater operations. The team compiled complete case studies for each of the five new technology scenarios. Each case study contains a complete description of the scenario, risk assessment results and complete barrier analysis results, including the completed barrier attribute checklists.

Develop and Vet Process Guides

ABS Group hosted a number of workshops with oil and gas industry representatives and regulatory personnel while developing the Barrier Analysis Models for the emerging technology scenarios. Leveraging input from these sessions, the Process Guide Team developed detailed procedures for operators to use when conducting risk and barrier analysis and for submitting the resulting information for review and acceptance.

Value Delivered

 Framework for BSEE Offshore Technology

Drawing on our global expertise, ABS Group's Government team delivered a risk-based framework to help screen and categorize novel/new, emerging and advanced offshore oil and gas technologies. The client gained an enhanced understanding of how to leverage the Barrier Model approach to validate these technologies considering both safety and environmental risks.

Standardize Submission and Review Process

While developing the process guides, we established methodologies and common terminology for use in conducting risk and barrier assessments. The Barrier Model Template, with scenario case studies, provides detailed guidance for operators in preparing plan submissions that propose the use of novel or advanced technology in their operations. This standardization of submission materials also aids engineers in the acceptance process.

Facilitate Adoption of Procedures

The industry workshops that we conducted helped to gather operator feedback early in the project, leading to smoother implementation for the finished process guides. Upon project completion, our teams also provided the client with additional implementation recommendations to roll out the new procedures.

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