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Global ISO, OHSAS Certification Program Lowers Costs by 40%

Discover how ABS Quality Evaluations, our Management Systems Certification subsidiary, implemented a multi-site, integrated program to optimize audit volume and lower costs for a global chemical company.

Project Objectives

Project Overview

A global chemical company sought to optimize its ISO and OHSAS certification management program to achieve a more consistent approach to auditing. The organization wanted standardized reporting in order to gain a holistic overview of its business. The company's management team needed a fully integrated program that would allow them to benchmark good practices and areas of strength as well as identify opportunities to reduce risk exposure.

With more than 100 chemical plants worldwide, this organization had accumulated separate registration certificates across multiple sites. ABS Quality Evaluations (ABS QE), a subsidiary of ABS Group providing global management systems certification services, merged registrations into a single scope to develop and implement a Global Certification Program based on the client's needs.

Client Needs
  • Manage separate certificates registered across many sites by developing an integrated certification program
  • Understand the cost and complexity of maintaining ISO and OHSAS certifications
  • Address the lack of project status visibility


Our Solution

With a network of 700 auditors in more than 40 countries, ABS QE provided the client with a unique combination of international and local expertise to deliver consistent service across each of its 100 chemical plant locations. From Project Manager to auditor and back-office, we worked with our client in one dedicated and customized team.

Develop a Multi-Site, Integrated Global Certification Program

We determined that a multi-site, integrated program was the best solution for the client's needs. To transfer management of the global certification program to a central body, we issued a single certificate with the central office's name and address and listed remote sites as attachments.

We also determined that the organization was eligible for a multi-site sampling method, which reduces the number of site visits needed and lowers the cost of ongoing audits. Rather than renewing certificates site-by-site, the annual audit will now focus on a random sample of remote sites.

Enable Global Project Status Visibility

To maximize efficiency and communication during the project, we implemented our dedicated client portal platform. This software created a single, secured place to view global project status anywhere and anytime. Through the platform, we were able to manage the flow of information, improve project coordination and anticipate solutions.

Value Delivered

ABS QE's Global Certification Program gave this client, a major chemical company with sites worldwide, improved project visibility while lowering the cost of maintaining its certification status.


By centralizing the program, we optimized the audit volume to achieve up to 40% reduction in audit costs. The single audit of shared services and remote site sampling plan allows the client to scale back on the number of audit visits and associated travel costs.


Through the newly centralized system and client portal platform, the organization has greater visibility into its global certification program and certificate status. Consistent and standardized reporting allows the organization to benchmark site performance and move towards a more uniform system over time.

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