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Occupied Building Risk Assessment and Complementary Detailed Analysis Studies

October 15, 2020

UK operators must show that they have assessed the risks and implemented the necessary controls in line with the Control Of Major Accident Hazards Regulations (COMAH Regulations 2015). This requires the operator to prepare a safety report for the purposes of demonstrating that "major accident hazards and possible major accident scenarios, in relation to the establishment, have been identified and that the necessary measures have been taken to prevent such accidents and to limit their consequences for human health and the environment."

In this webinar, we will discuss the different Occupied Building Risk Assessment (OBRA) approaches and the benefit of undertaking further detailed analysis to compliment your mitigation/facility siting remediation strategy.

What We Cover:

  • Guidance on Occupied Building Risk Assessments and Facility Siting Studies
  • ABS Group's Regional Capabilities in CFD and FEA modelling to support UK Oil, Gas and Chemical Industry

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Max Steele,  Principal Engineer, Extreme Loads and Structural Risk, ABS Group

Max Steele is a Principal Engineer with over 10 years’ experience in Extreme Loads and Structural Risk. Max has a wide-ranging portfolio of Facility Siting Studies / Occupied Building Risk Assessments undertaken across the globe, with significant experience in the Middle East. He is a Chartered Civil Engineer with a comprehensive understanding of Consequence Analysis techniques, Quantitative Risk Assessment and technical safety, enabling him to apply a wider perspective in developing Facility Siting Remediation strategies and building mitigation measures for significant blast loads.

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