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Nautical Systems User Conference 2021

September 14, 2021 - September 16, 2021

21st Annual NS Global User Conference


Safety is at the heart of what we do—a commitment we take seriously as it affects our employees and clients alike. As offices reopened and travel restrictions lifted, we were hopeful that 2021 would bring a return to “normal” by late summer. Unfortunately, with the recent uptick in COVID-19 cases, especially the Delta variant, plans have quickly changed.

We have made the difficult decision to cancel the in-person NS User Conference in New Orleans, LA, and transition to a 100% virtual event. Although our time in person this September has been postponed, we're excited to host another successful virtual event! 

If you require assistance with registration refunds, hotel cancellations or have any additional questions, please contact us today.

We're Going Virtual! 

The Next Generation of NS: Bringing It All Together 


The ABS Nautical Systems (NS) Global User Conference offers a valuable opportunity to learn, collaborate and explore the features and functionality of our world-class software, NS Enterprise. Our software platform is a comprehensive solution built to drive your digital fleet forward. Stay tuned for information about how to register and participate online.

"Data lies at the heart of our industry's digital transformation. Making data-driven decisions can transform fleet operations and revolutionize the way you work onboard."

- Evan Gooch, ABS Nautical Systems President

The NS User Conference features live demos, advanced user training and an extensive overview of our suite of fleet management software solutions. We also look forward to gaining valuable insights from you on how to enhance our software.

What We Cover

  • Learn all about the latest software releases
  • Gain insights on what's ahead with Nautical Systems
  • Explore exciting features with live demonstrations
  • Network online with peers and friends
  • Adopt best practices from virtual training sessions
  • Realize how NS can work better for you

Meet the Speakers

Our speakers look forward to showcasing NS advancements at this year's User Conference:


Evan Gooch, President, ABS Nautical Systems

Evan Gooch

President of ABS Nautical Systems

"Nautical Systems continues to grow and upgrade our software. At this year's User Conference, we look forward to showcasing our new features and upgrades, including NS Web. And of course, I look forward to finally seeing each and every one of our customers face-to-face."

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Brandi Whitehurst, Global Customer Support Manager

Brandi Whitehurst

Global Customer Support Manager

"We've been working on several projects including our NS Web SaaS Solutions, NS Capture and NS eLogs. The conference will feature live demos and a chance for our customers to collaborate on product development during Open Innovation sessions."

John Hathaway, Product Management Director

John Hathaway

Product Management Director

"We'll be pushing out some major enhancements just before NSUC 2021. I'm looking forward to discussing the 6.5.22 release, which will now include Service Contracts and Technical Defect reporting, and the 6.5.23 release, which has advancements around Conditioned-based Maintenance."

Darren Unger, Product Management Director

Darren Unger

Product Management Director

"Nautical Systems is on an evolutionary path as we dive into the prospect of enabling live data fields from machinery. NS Capture will enable more informed maintenance as well as analytics. In addition, we're moving our platform to a browser-based system."

Kashif Mohammed, Development Manager

Kashif Mohammed

Development Manager

"As we continue to develop our NS Web SaaS Solutions and eLog Books, the user feedback has been invaluable. The conference will give us a chance to collaborate with the end users at all levels, focusing on their specific point of view."

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