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ABS QE Provides Lead Auditor Trainings Accredited by Exemplar Global

February 27, 2017

NEWS ADVISORY--ABS Quality Evaluations (ABS QE) is one of the leading certification bodies certified by Exemplar Global (formerly RAB QSA) to provide Lead Auditor Training based on the Training Provider and Examiner Certification Scheme (TPECS) model. This certification enables ABS QE to conduct training in several countries in accordance with the ISO 9001/ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards, either one-on-one or integrated sessions.

The TPECS model involves evaluating the candidates' competency through the consideration of performance criteria within each standard. This methodology as applied by ABS QE makes the training more dynamic and effective. Certified since 2013 by Exemplar Global, ABS QE has trained more than 500 people in Brazil, Chile, Peru, the United States, Mexico, Germany, Spain and China.

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