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ABS Quality Evaluations Grants Remuneration Audit Certification to Toyota Spain Confirming its Commitment to Gender Equality

February 23, 2023

This month, ABS Quality Evaluations Spain (ABS QE Spain), a world-leading certification body, delivered a Remuneration Audit Certification to Toyota Spain, signifying its commitment to gender equality.

The certificate, which recognizes the consistent application of equity-based policies, was granted after the Remuneration Audit, carried out by OMD Human Resources Consulting (OMD), and affirmed that no gender pay inequality was found.

Syngenta Brazil Certificate Ceremony with ABS QE

Toyota Spain, recently recognized as a Top 2023 employer for the fourth consecutive year, promotes projects and participation to enhance female talent, including an initiative to encourage more women to reach senior management positions. In addition, they continue to develop a Human Resources Management Model based on rigorous processes for all its professionals with the aim of consolidating its equality and inclusion policies.

"This recognition for Toyota Spain reflects the great achievement of not only demonstrating its commitment to current equality-based legislation but going above and beyond to nurture the personal and professional growth of its female workforce," said Dominic Townsend, ABS QE President.

"As one of the world's leading certification bodies, ABS QE remain experts at assisting our partners with solutions and programs to address the complex challenges facing their processes, business, supply chains and people."

ABS QE regularly contributes to the development of industry, national and international standards, lending our expertise to develop best practices that help organizations realize the benefits of certified performance. This includes critical support and certifications for social equality and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), such as SA 8000, Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI), Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA) and brand audits.

ABS Quality Evaluations otorga la certificación de auditoría de retribuciones a Toyota España, ratificando su compromiso con la igualdad de género

Este mes, ABS Quality Evaluations España (ABS QE España), un organismo de certificación líder en el mundo, entregó una Certificación de Auditoría de Remuneración a Toyota España, lo que significa su compromiso con la igualdad de género.

El certificado, que reconoce la aplicación consistente de políticas basadas en la equidad, fue otorgado luego de la Auditoría de Remuneraciones, realizada por OMD Human Resources Consulting (OMD), y afirmó que no se encontró desigualdad salarial de género.

Toyota España, recientemente reconocida como empleador Top 2023 por cuarto año consecutivo, impulsa proyectos y participación para potenciar el talento femenino, incluyendo una iniciativa para animar a más mujeres a alcanzar puestos de alta dirección. Además, continúa desarrollando un Modelo de Gestión de Recursos Humanos basado en procesos rigurosos para todos sus profesionales con el objetivo de consolidar sus políticas de igualdad e inclusión.

"Este reconocimiento para Toyota España refleja el gran logro de no solo demostrar su compromiso con la legislación actual basada en la igualdad, sino de ir más allá para fomentar el crecimiento personal y profesional de su plantilla femenina", dijo Dominic Townsend, presidente de ABS QE.

"Como uno de los organismos de certificación líderes en el mundo, ABS QE sigue siendo experto en ayudar a nuestros socios con soluciones y programas para abordar los complejos desafíos que enfrentan sus procesos, negocios, cadenas de suministro y personas".

ABS QE contribuye regularmente al desarrollo de estándares industriales, nacionales e internacionales, brindando nuestra experiencia para desarrollar las mejores prácticas que ayudan a las organizaciones a obtener los beneficios del desempeño certificado. Esto incluye soporte crítico y certificaciones para la igualdad social y la Responsabilidad Social Corporativa (RSC), como SA 8000, Iniciativa de Cumplimiento Social Empresarial (BSCI), Auditoría de Comercio Ético de Miembros de Sedex (SMETA) y auditorías de marca.

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ABS Quality Evaluations, Inc. (ABS QE) is a subsidiary of ABS Group of Companies, Inc. ( As a world-leading certification body, ABS QE works with companies to improve the performance of their business, systems, people and supply chains through management systems certification, verification, training and assessments, including supply chain and cybersecurity. ABS QE’s global network of auditors plays a crucial role in helping organizations achieve business excellence and obtain the necessary certifications to get products and services to market.

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ABS Group of Companies, Inc. (, through its operating subsidiaries, provides technical advisory and certification services to support the safety and reliability of high-performance assets and operations in the oil, gas and chemical, power generation, marine, offshore and government sectors, among others. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, ABS Group operates with more than 1,000 professionals globally. ABS Group is a subsidiary of ABS (, a leading marine and offshore classification society.

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