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RC14001:2023 Declaration of Transition

Preparing for the RC14001 Transition

The American Chemistry Council (ACC) has revised the popular standard RC14001 to be complied to. All organziations that are currently certified to RC14001:2015 must begin transitioning to meet requirements outlined by the RC14001:2023 revision. A transition plan has been developed and is being implemented to ensure achievement of revision of Audit Service Providers' (ASP) approval and certifiation programs and that all certified clients comply to the transition by the required due dates.

Audit Time and Durations

ABS QE will be mandated to evaluate each certified client's RC14001 scope of certification, complexities, and risk involved with the scope of certification to determine the amount of additional audit duration to be applied to the transition audit. The justifications for the additional audit duration will be documented in accordance with RC14001:2023. The ACC has documented that it is not acceptable to complete a transition audit without additional audit duration. The additional audit duration shall be communicated to the client and we are required to obtain documented client concurrence.

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