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Remote Audits and Certification Services

ABS Quality Evaluations Remote Audits

Remote Audit Solutions

Our Remote Audit capabilities enable ABS Quality Evaluations (ABS QE) to deliver your audit when expected and keep your business on track. Your ABS QE Client Service Representative, along with your Lead Auditor, will engage with your organization's team members to meet your audit objectives using a variety of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) platforms.

Leverage ABS QE's flexible Remote Audit approach as part of your normal audit program. Our commitment is to deliver the trusted value of our onsite audits in a virtual manner regardless of where you are located.

"For our first remote audit with ABS QE, utilization of Microsoft Teams for audit collaboration proved highly successful, allowing for online meetings, interviews and document upload to an Audit portal in very efficient and effective method." - Paul Pettibon, OSHI Senior Port Captain/IMS Representative

What is Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)?

Any virtual technology platform that allows the audit objective to be accomplished. These include:

  • Live web streaming technology such as Webex, Zoom, MS Teams, GotoWebinar and GotoMeeting
  • Live streaming paired with mobile technology such as a smartphone or tablet with video capabilities (e.g. WhatsApp, Skype or Facetime)

What Types of Audits Apply?

We can apply Remote Audit techniques for a complete audit and for audits taking place in two planned phases. In theory they can be used for:

  • Stage I Audits
  • Stage II Audits
  • Surveillance Audits
  • Renewal Audits
  • Scope Expansions
  • Transfer Audits

ABS QE's Remote Audit Approaches

ABS QE offers three (3) primary approaches for remote auditing:

  1. The Lead Auditor or Audit Team is offsite and remotely audits one or more of your locations using ICT platforms, allowing the completion of the current cycle.
  2. The Lead Auditor or Audit Team is offsite and remotely audits one or more of your locations using ICT platforms in a two-phase approach. Phase 1 would cover management and support processes and Phase 2 would cover operational control processes. These Phases can be two separate events allowing for maximum flexibility.
  3. Same as Approach (2), however, Phase 2 can be conducted on location if deemed necessary or by your request. This approach may work more effectively for highly complex sites with extensive operational controls.

With any of these approaches, ABS QE will perform the required interviews, documentation reviews and observational processes needed to meet your audit objectives. Utilizing a variety of ICT platforms provides you the flexibility to gather the required information and plan for the appropriate areas to access, making this an effective and flexible experience.

How Does Remote Audit Work?

Step 1: Planning

ABS QE will work with you to determine the best options for your remote audit. We will take into consideration specific program requirements along with your existing technological infrastructure to ensure the audit objective can be met. Your Lead Auditor will detail a specific Audit Plan stipulating the dates and ICT selected for the appropriate processes during the remote audit.

As part of the planning processes, we always suggest testing the selected ICT platforms to ensure their viability and success.

Step 2: Conducting the Remote Audit

Once the selected ICT platforms have been tested, the Lead Auditor or Audit Team will conduct the audit by interviewing employees, reviewing documentation via screen sharing techniques and observing work environment, worker activities and operational processes through a more advanced ICT platform (video sharing, iPhone Facetime, etc.). All required audit evidence will be reviewed to support the audit conclusion, including any applicable nonconformances.

Step 3: Audit Reporting

Your ABS QE audit report will meet your existing expectations. In addition, we will specify the types of ICT utilized as well as the effectiveness they played in meeting the audit objective. If you select a two-phase audit approach, two separate audit reports will be issued.

Why Choose Remote Audit?

  • You keep your audit program on schedule 
  • Our flexible approaches can satisfy your specific needs
  • You save on travel costs associated with the audit
  • You select the appropriate ICT platform that works for your organization
  • Our auditors can assess your locations wherever they are located


"ABS QE really came through for us during the coronavirus travel bans. Even though we were not able to allow outside personnel to enter our facilities for the audit, ABS QE found a way to certify virtual audits that allowed them to get the work done on time. Your exceptional ISO auditors were up to the challenge. They used various electronic means to perform an effective but 'virtual audit' of our Quality Management System. Our management team could not be happier with the high quality representatives we met in this audit. We look forward to a bright future together no matter what challenges we face. Thank you very much for adding value and for a job well done."


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