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Management Systems Certification Solutions

ABS Quality Evaluations (QE), an ABS Group company, develops solutions and offers programs to assist organizations with the complex challenges facing their processes, business, supply chains and people. ABS QE regularly contributes to the development of industry, national and international standards, lending our expertise to develop best practices that help organizations realize the benefits of certified performance to help in the following focus areas:

Corporate Social Responsibility

Globalization demands that organizations consider the complete social and ethical impacts of their business activities. Increased consumer awareness places more responsibility on companies to confirm that the goods they sell are made with safe working conditions, at fair rates of pay and respecting the basic human rights of those involved in production. Adverse publicity for companies that do not respect these standards can result in reputational damage and adversely impact both sales and profitability. Our social responsibility services include audits and assessments for a broad range of internationally recognized codes and standards to help organizations meet the latest and most stringent compliance requirements.

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Stakeholders want to know about an organization's sustainability performance and whether its corporate activities are reported accurately. ABS QE's sustainability services provide tools to leaders and their businesses to help them understand the importance of setting metrics. Our assurance services include Environmental, Health and Safety, Energy Management, Responsible Care and LEEDS Green Building certification. Confirmation from a company trusted by the industry earns and keeps stakeholder trust in your business and supply chain.

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Process Efficiency

To lead and operate an organization successfully, it is necessary to manage it in a systematic and visible manner. When processes work well they can impact your business's product or service. Certification demonstrates that your organization has the ability to meet the requirements and the needs of potential customers, resulting in enhanced customer confidence, satisfaction and a competitive advantage. ABS QE's assurance services allow organizations to meet quality requirements to these standards and your specific requirements in the aerospace, automotive, telecommunications, medical and oil and gas industries.

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Risk Management

Risk can take many forms, such as financial uncertainty, project failure, security aspects, competition and technology problems. Leaders are looking for confidence that their businesses and supply chains are consistently and without interruption providing customers with conforming goods and services. The concept of risk related to international standards is the uncertainty of achieving these objectives. Risk based assurance improves customer confidence and satisfaction and establishes a culture of prevention and improvement. ABS QE's assurance services focus on managing and assessing risk in quality performance, environmental aspects and impacts and asset management.

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No matter the size of your organization, information technology and security of supply chains are critical to the success of your business. This is highlighted even more today as additional regulation and more statutory requirements are emerging. These aspects include, but are not limited to, financing, manufacturing, information management and the facilities for packing, storing and transferring goods between modes of transport and locations. Certification of your management system helps demonstrate that your system has been assessed by ABS QE's experts and provides stakeholders with a view of your commitment to supply chain, IT security and governance.

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Trade Compliance

In addition to having the right statutory and legal approvals, it is important for your product or service to have the necessary certification and marks to gain a leading position in the marketplace. Having certification in key market sectors such as manufacturing, marine, electronics, telecommunications and oil and gas are now necessary for your business to demonstrate your commitment to meeting market and customer requirements.

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Training and Competence

ABS QE's training and development solutions are designed to help organizations and individuals improve personal competence and skills in light of developments in technology, standards and regulation. Our expert trainers are experienced practitioners in their field, and our training moves beyond theory, giving you valuable real-world insights. Our training uses the most current methods and management principles to help you integrate your management system principles into your operations. We incorporate hands-on exercises to implement and evaluate systems and offer foundation, overview, internal and lead auditor training.

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