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Safety Management

Safety Management

Safety management systems provide a framework for minimizing safety and environmental dangers at every level of an organization. As leaders in the fields of safety and risk management, we provide in-depth expertise for managing safety in accordance with US and international regulations and requirements.

From a process safety audit to a complete safety culture assessment, our safety management services help companies prepare for and meet regulatory requirements; protect their reputations and operations; and improve processes to help keep employees and the public safe.

Solutions to Improve Safety Culture and Performance

Our decades of hands-on experience in safety management allow us to provide clients with current, reliable and practical advice and assistance. Members of our team have authored many of the most commonly used Guidelines and Risk-based Safety Management texts followed by industry. 

Based on our clients' specific concerns, we develop solutions that help them establish, manage and monitor activities to facilitate safer, more effective and efficient performance in Process Safety Management (PSM), Process Hazard Analysis (PHA), Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA), Human Factors Engineering (HFE), Emergency Management, Hazard Identification, Safety Culture Assessment and Training, Expert Witness and Technical Advisory services. Explore our capabilities for each solution below.   

Process Safety Management

Process Safety Management

ABS Group has extensive Process Safety Management (PSM) experience in various industries. Our engineers understand which PSM activities and features are practical and efficient. We have helped clients implement PSM programs that satisfy regulatory requirements and fit a specific company's organizational culture. We will work with you to customize a comprehensive PSM program or specific elements of a PSM program that fit your operations.

Remote PSM Solutions Customize Your PSM Program

Incident Investigation and Root Cause Analysis

We assess a variety of hazards that could lead to a potential incident and provide management and technical support when a response plan is needed. Our root cause analysis and safety management experts are available immediately to manage an investigation. Learn more about our experience developing comprehensive incident solutions.

Explore Our Response Services

Process Hazard Analysis

Process Hazard Analysis

We are a recognized leader in conducting efficient and value-added process hazard analyses (PHAs) for a broad range of industries. Having served hundreds of major corporations and performed thousands of initial PHAs, PHA revalidations and related studies, our engineers are respected experts in their field. We can work with your staff to provide a full range of PHA services using a variety of methodologies, including HAZOPs, What-if/Checklist, FMEA and fault tree analysis, and our LEADER™ PHA software solution.

See How We Identify Hazards

Layer of Protection Analysis

Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA)

Many of our customers have found Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA) to be a cost-effective addition to PHA revalidations. Our LOPA approach is based on risk assessment fundamentals used by ABS Group personnel for over 30 years. We apply these fundamentals to help private industry and government clients make informed risk management decisions. From identifying safety barriers to determining the probability of failure to verifying safety integrity levels (SILs), our team has your needs covered. 

 View Our LOPA Services

Compliance Management Solutions

Compliance Management

ABS Group's proven Compliance Management services help increase safety and reliability, enhance efficiency and decrease risk. Our experts evaluate your assets alongside changing regulations and standards, providing comprehensive and technical solutions that help your organization address industry-specific challenges and remain in compliance.

Understand and Verify Compliance

Human Factors Engineering

ABS Group's multidisciplinary human factors engineering (HFE) subject matter experts strive to be the world-leading focal point resource for HFE analyses and support. We help industries with highly complex operations conduct analyses, simulations training and forensic investigations, helping them reduce and mitigate hazards, failures and economic losses from human error. Integrating HFE design practices and principles can result in facilities, installations and assets that are more cost-effective, safer and easier to operate and maintain.

Learn about Our HFE Team

Safety Instrumented System (SIS) Studies

ABS Group can assist process industries with confirming that the functional safety of their safety instrumented system (SIS) conforms to the requirements of ANSI/ISA-84.00.01-2004 (IEC 61511 Mod). Specifically, our personnel can assist in evaluating the need for a safety instrumented function (SIF), evaluating potential system architectures and analyzing the SIS to determine its predicted performance, from both a risk reduction and reliability standpoint. Learn how to design, specify and evaluate performance of SIFs within a safety instrumented system in our Safety Integrity Level training course or request access to our Safeguard Protection Analysis webinar.

Emergency Management

We can perform a comprehensive review of your organization's existing emergency plans, policies, standard operating procedures and protocols to better understand how the organization responds to and recovers from accidents, disasters and emergencies. Using standardized data collection templates, we will verify that all appropriate data are collected to assist with defining the roles, responsibilities and actions necessary to prepare for an event, mitigate its impact, respond when it occurs and recover when the event has ended. Standard hazard identification and risk assessment methods are used to define the hazards and vulnerabilities associated with a variety of onshore and offshore assets.

  • Establishing performance criteria and measures
  • Developing and auditing emergency preparedness plans
  • Educating crisis management teams
  • Corporation crisis management
  • Emergency preparedness exercises, table top sessions in-house or field simulations
  • Emergency management training in our modeling and simulation training center

Health, Safety and Environment

ABS Group is committed to helping you reduce risk, increase safety, secure regulatory compliance and improve health, safety and environmental (HSE) performance. Our holistic approach to HSE considers the complex interaction between technological, human and organizational factors so we can provide you with the total risk picture. This knowledge allows organizations to drive positive performance while safeguarding personnel, assets and the environment. We can also assist you with gap assessments and auditing your HSE plan for compliance to codes, standards, regulations and best practices.

Hazard Identification

Hazard analysis is the first and, in many ways, the most important step in a risk assessment. If a hazard is not identified, its contribution to the risk cannot be estimated. Only those hazards that are identified are likely to be controlled with any confidence. Our experts use a variety of methods such as HAZID, HAZOP, FMEA, what-if and checklists, as well as software solutions such as Bowtie Master for risk management and LEADER™ for process hazard analysis, to efficiently and systematically identify workplace hazards. We also teach courses on how to identify workplace hazards, enabling employees to better understand and control the dangers in the workplace.

Safety Culture Assessment and Training

An effective safety culture is one in which people do the right thing, all the time, even when no one is watching. To drive this level of performance, factors like management beliefs, values, myths and company policies and procedures must be aligned and reinforce those values. Responding to unsafe behavior with corrective actions and activities like training and communication that build employee involvement and buy-in are powerful influences that strengthen an organization's safety culture.

ABS Group has assessed a diverse range of corporate safety cultures in a variety of facilities, including onshore and offshore operations. In these assessments, we apply a standard set of organizational attributes to measure safety culture effectiveness. We combine surveys and interviews with physical reviews of documented performance to compare perceptions with practice. Based on these findings, we can develop training programs that increase process safety knowledge and help build a sustainable safety culture at all levels of an organization.

Expert Witness

ABS Group has numerous registrations with internationally recognized entities, governments, trade associations and professional societies. Our Safety, Risk and Compliance engineers can serve as expert witnesses, attesting to the compliance of regulatory safety requirements, best practices for maintaining safety, the quality of safety management systems, typical industrial hazards in high-performance assets, safety culture and appropriate methods for investigating an accident.

Technical Advisory

We have a variety of technical and regulatory specialists on staff who are familiar with every aspect of assessing and managing safety in industrial environments. Our technical advisors typically have more than 25 years of field experience, which enables us to provide proven solutions to your safety and risk issues. We also work closely with technical committees, industry groups and federal regulators, which informs our depth of understanding for how to guide you through the regulatory compliance process.

Related Services 

Risk  and Safety Management

We provide a number of techniques to identify and analyze hazards, including utilizing Bowtie Master software solutions. These tools enable companies to manage hazards locally and across the corporation as well as demonstrate compliance clearly across all levels.


Incident Investigation and RCA

We are an experienced, trusted provider of comprehensive incident investigation and root cause analysis (RCA) services. We can manage your overall organizational response–leading the cause analysis effort, providing scene management and interfacing with regulatory and legal stakeholders.

  • Incident Response Services
  • Evidence Collection and Forensic Analysis
  • Toxic Exposure Assessment


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