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Document Manager

NS Document Manager

Efficient Document Management and Control

The Nautical Systems (NS) Document Manager integrates with all NS modules for management, distribution and control of critical safety and operational documentation. NS Document Manager ensures required documentation is easily accessible and shared appropriately.

Key Features

  • Documents are embedded in the NS process workflow to deliver the relevant documents to the specific tasks
  • Maintains full traceability/history of a document from initial draft to final distribution, including revision history
  • Enforces version control
  • Enables compliance by storing and distributing key regulatory publications
  • Documents stored centrally in a searchable folder hierarchy
  • Easily distribute OEM manuals, circulars, bulletins and vessel drawings
  • Control distribution of documents by vessel, vessel type, role or user
  • Track ship to shore acknowledgement by user
  • Utilize advanced search queries by author, audience, data, vessel or vessel type
  • Web interface allows easy access and management
  • Seamless integration with all NS Enterprise modules


Easily supports multiple document types including safety management systems (SMS), health and safety plans, policies, procedures, OEM specs, vessel drawings, photos and general documentation.

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