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Electronic Logbook Solution - NS eLogs™

NS eLogs At-a-Glance

NS eLogs™ At-A-Glance

Streamline Operations Digitally with eLogs:

  • Helps crew, staff and onshore personnel to simplify data, enhance reliability and improve compliance
  • Over 20 electronic logbooks covering several key areas of operation
  • Follows IMO's non-mandatory adoption of electronic record books effective 1 October 2020


Solve Traditional Recordkeeping Challenges

ABS Nautical Systems (NS) eLogs is a powerful digital solution that replaces traditional paper logbooks and brings a new dimension to compliance management through a browser-based experience. A seamless business automation tool for today's digital fleet, NS eLogs will simplify user data entry, reduce operational costs, enhance data reliability and improve regulatory compliance. This digital solution not only improves the quality and security of data but allows for easy replication to shore and remote accessibility. NS eLogs can function as a standalone application or be integrated into the NS Enterprise suite.

eLogs Roadmap


Unlock the power of your data with capabilities that enable users to effortlessly analyze, monitor and share KPIs for more accurate decision-making.

Paperless Logging

Data Replication

Data Backup

Electronic Signature

Encrypted Storage

Key Features

NS eLogs overcomes traditional recordkeeping challenges with intuitive features that reduce user mistakes, decrease administrative work and enable workforce productivity.

Intuitive Interface

Data Transfer

Reporting and Analysis

Secured Audits

Access Management

Approved by the Recognized Organization and Flag State

Developed using the IMO Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) standards, NS eLogs is approved by the Recognized Organization (RO) ABS and Flag State authorities such as Marshall Islands, among others. Our solution includes over 20 electronic logbooks covering several areas of operation, including EU MRV, IMO DCS and MARPOL, to support environmental sustainability.

Top Supported NS Logbooks



Accurately record Machinery Space and Cargo/Ballast Operations in compliance with MARPOL Annex I.



Maintain compliance under MARPOL Annex V to reduce garbage discharged from ship to sea.



Collect and analyze greenhouse gas (GHG) emission data for mandatory EU MRV and IMO DCS requirements.


Why ABS Nautical Systems?

We understand your digital journey.


"We have a good partnership with the NS team and work closely with them on a day-to-day basis from a support and product roadmap perspective. We've always been a partner that's willing to try new technologies and products."

Kris Vedat, Head of IT - P&O Maritime Logistics

"We always have in mind how we can best utilize [NS] software. It improves the lives of users onboard by saving them time and gives office users the best tools for increasing performance and reporting."

Iakovos E. Karaolis, IT Business Relationship Manager - Optimum Ship Services Ltd. 

"The NS platforms have helped my company to digitalize processes and make them more efficient."

Eftihia Benaki, IT Manager / CySO - Minerva Marine


About ABS Nautical Systems

ABS Nautical Systems is recognized as the leader in maritime fleet management software, supporting Digital Transformation across marine assets and providing powerful business intelligence solutions for a complex world. Our reliability-based software and compliance management solutions have helped mariners solve real-world operational challenges for over 30 years. Today, our advanced software platform NS Enterprise supports faster, more accurate decision-making to help the marine and offshore industries improve efficiency, ensure safety and drive performance. Learn more about ABS Nautical Systems software solutions and services.

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