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Professional Services

NS Professional Services

Accelerate Projects and Improve Operations

Achieving a clear match between business expectations and project plans is crucial to success in implementing ERP systems. The ABS Nautical Systems Implement for Success methodology ensures that objectives are met on every project and the interests of the mariner are included in every activity. 

Using the Implement for Success methodology, technology is deployed to match business needs. This method employs a five-stage process of configuration and training activities leading to fleet-wide adoption and continuous improvement. At every stage, the project team focuses both on getting the system ready for the business and getting the business ready for the system.

Implement for Success Methodology

Accelerate Your Projects and Improve Your Operations

Implementation and Project Management

NS assists in all aspects of technical implementation and project management, focusing on turnkey solutions delivering improved results for both onshore staff and crew.

  • Experienced personnel guide your implementation to a successful and on-time conclusion
  • Dedicated ABS-NS Project Manager assigned to manage and oversee the implementation and work alongside client Project Manager
  • Standard project management approach:
    • Target task list, resources requirements and go-no-go decisions at every phase

Advisory Services

NS consultants use the combined knowledge of ABS and NS to deliver best practice advice in adapting business processes to technology solutions, utilizing the knowledge base assembled by the NS Fleet Management Center of Excellence.

  • ABS and NS best practices / industry knowledge
  • Adapting business process to proven technology solutions
  • NS Fleet Management Center of Excellence:
    • Best practice workflows
    • Training and documentation
    • System concepts and optimization
  • Technical and functional health checks using a balanced score card approach
  • Supports continuous improvement and strategic use of technology

Training and Documentation

Standard and customized training is available to ensure effective adoption by staff and crew, reflecting best practices as implemented in your organization.

  • Standard training, user guides and software manuals based on best practices
  • Accelerate crew and customer adoption
    • Customized training
    • Customized user guides
    • Crew quick reference guides

Custom Reports and Interfaces

Leveraging NS data is key to an enduring competitive advantage.  Custom reports and interfaces from a team of dedicated experts enable maximum usage of NS data in each client environment.

  • Customized operations and management reports
    • Based on customer requirements
    • Available in NS
  • Custom forms available for unique data capture challenges and forms management:
    • Delivered within NS
    • Stored in NS database
  • Rapid delivery and competitive pricing
  • Custom interfaces to 3rd party applications


NS helps gather, cleanse and populate all machinery data required to set up a working fleet management system quickly and efficiently.

  • Gather, cleanse and populate all machinery data
  • Convert and restructure legacy data
  • Build vessel hierarchy for efficient operations
  • Working fleet management system set up quickly and efficiently
  • Leverages offshore and marine experts
  • Cost effective way to accelerate projects

System Optimization

Through our System Optimization Services, ABS Nautical Systems works with clients to ensure they are getting optimal use out of the NS Enterprise suite to avoid these problems and improve operational efficiency.

NS Technical Systems Review

The NS Technical Systems Review is a 5-point technical assessment that optimizes the NS user experience and reviews the status of often overlooked system administration tasks.

NS Health Check

Process improvement and balanced scorecard reviews by senior NS staff offer actionable information for achieving long-term objectives and refreshing an existing implementation. Building on the Balanced Scorecard review, internal procedures are reviewed against NS Best Practice Workflows to identify variations and determine where improvements should be considered.


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