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Technical Inspection and Verification

At a Glance

  • Reliable and effective inspection/surveillance services across a global network in 30+ countries
  • Proven track record to meet large project demands
  • Independent advisory services cover, but are not limited to, industrial onshore and offshore assets
  • Recognized major external certifications, including API, ASME, ISO, LEEA and NACE International    

From conceptual design to decommissioning, ABS Group is a trusted technical advisor and leading provider of independent inspection and design verification services. We help owners and operators confirm the safety, reliability and structural / mechanical integrity of assets and operations.

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Independent Expertise for All Project Phases

ABS Group's independent engineering services apply for all project phases, from conceptual design to decommissioning, and for all asset types used in industrial manufacturing, oil, gas and chemical and alternative energy facilities. Our broad range of services includes third-party source inspection and expediting for new construction projects and in-service and risk-based inspection during operation and shutdown. We'll assess the condition and functionality of equipment and installations to help you maintain reliability, efficiency and compliance and improve process safety / HSE performance.

Services within this Solution

As an independent third party, we help global design and engineering firms review innovative design concepts using advanced technology and knowledge to confirm the feasibility and specifications of newbuilds, major modification/conversions and demonstrator projects. We can work seamlessly as part of a large inspection/verification plan or one-on-one with your fabrication and operations teams in blue and brown water marine projects, offshore and onshore energy developments and power generation activities.

Remote Inspection

With projects becoming more complex and moving into more challenging environments, it can be increasingly difficult to verify what project requirements are needed and how to meet them. Our technical experts know how to simplify this process for you. We can help verify that a project meets the appropriate design specifications and local requirements and incorporates the latest international codes. At the end of a project, we can help validate that the project you commissioned is delivering according to expectation.

Whether referred to as project supervision, construction management, owner's representation or a number of other project specific terms, Project Quality Management (PQM) is an essential oversight function that monitors and confirms adherence to project specifications, standards and requirements. Since each project is unique, our PQM services are driven by your needs.

Equipment must function within the specified operational limits and with an acceptable level of confidence for suppliers and users to comply with industry standards and local regulatory requirements, anywhere in the world. Our team is experienced to handle your equipment and product certification needs to help you maintain the appropriate levels of reliability, functionality and safety for systems, equipment, software, structures and procedures.

Our mechanical integrity engineers can verify the design integrity of process equipment; help clients design, develop and implement programs to help confirm the ongoing integrity of process equipment for compliance with applicable design codes, technical standards and project specifications; and assist with any underlying operational risk issues that need to be addressed to make assets safer, more reliable and compliant.

In-service Inspection Management

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