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Remote Inspection Services

Remote Inspection

Remote Inspection and Verification Services 

Businesses are adapting to changing conditions and the need for safe, flexible and efficient solutions. Our global team of inspectors and auditors can deliver remote inspections designed to provide you with the same level of technical expertise and real-time insight. We apply remote visual inspection and digital tools to look at objects and materials at a distance while inspecting inaccessible and high-risk environments to support your mechanical integrity or combined asset management and reliability program. Remote inspection using video technology enables us to deliver the data you need to effectively report back and manage compliance.

With the ability to stream high-quality data using mobile technology, real-time collaboration during inspection is now possible wherever and whenever you need us.

Benefits of Remote Inspection and Assurance 

  • Allows an inspector to safely observe objects and materials from a distance when the objects are inaccessible or are in dangerous environments
  • Enables you to monitor the inspection as required for instant feedback and real-time results during a vendor inspection so you can adjust scope and deep dive into key operational issues
  • Improves your audit evidence trail with real and indisputable footage of the vendor, process, equipment and results
  • Reduces the carbon footprint of our workforce by eliminating the travel to site
  • Ensures the continuity of project schedules when physical inspection is impossible while also
    giving confidence the product was tested in conformance with project standards

How We Can Help with Remote Capabilities

Inspection points, testing and second party audits can be effortlessly live streamed and nonconformities can be followed up with ease by:

  • Conducting audits and inspections remotely and easily via a web video link
  • Audio, video, documents and images can be streamed and recorded using remote conferencing technologies via a live stream through a secure link with the manufacturer and ABS Group technical expert
  • Two-way constant verbal and text communication between the inspector and test operative
  • Perform normal witness inspection duties
  • Report back using the normal reporting requirements
  • Reporting will be exactly as previous; you will receive an inspection report in the usual
  • The method of inspection must be clearly stated (physical witness, remote video,

Let us know how we can help support your overall asset integrity management program with virtual process safety management solutions and remote inspection capabilities.

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