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Certified ISO 45001 Lead Auditor Training Course


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ISO 45001 Lead Auditor Training Course

This ISO 45001 lead auditor training course is certified by Exemplar Global and is presented in partnership with Pillar Management Associates (the certified course provider). This training is for those occupational health and safety (OH&S) professionals who wish to become auditors for the internationally accepted norms and regulations relating to the ISO 45001 standard. 


Who Should Attend This ISO 45001 Lead Auditor Training?

  • OH&S professionals who wish to become auditors using ISO 45001 standards
what will i learn in this course?
  • Meet the training requirements for auditor certification for OH&S audits
  • Learn and practice audits
  • Understand the requirements of the ISO 45001 OH&S standard
  • Integrate OH&S audits with other management system audits
  • Benefit from the lessons learned by experienced auditors
  • 1.9 CEUs, 1.9 COCs, 3.17 CMs, ABIH approval #10-285
Duration: 4 days

Dates & Locations

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  • Introduction to ISO 45001:2018
  • Terms and Definitions
  • Emphasis: Hazards and Risk Assessment
  • Review the organization’s
  • OH&S policy manual and documents
    • Hazard and risk assessment
    • Relevant legal and other requirements
    • Relevant operational controls
    • Review ISO 45001
  • OH&S 450011 exercise (the standard)
  • Auditing Principles and Practices
  • Benefits of Internal Audit Programs
  • Read and review the organization’s Policies for Quality, Environment and Health & Safety
  • Process Auditing
  • Integrated Auditing
  • Terms and definitions
  • Audit Preparation
  • Checklists
  • Opening/Closing interview topics
  • Audit Activities
  • The Albatross (exercise)
  • Documenting and evaluating nonconformities
  • Audit reporting
  • Corrective action
  • Workshop: Audit including preparation, audit and reporting.


Mr. Lyle Foret - Centerfield Consulting and Associates

Ms. Stacy Foret - Principal-in-Charge, Centerfield Consulting and Associates

Mr. Stan Maughan -

Ms. Carol Robinson - Vice President RAB Certified Quality Systems Lead Auditor, Pillar Management Associates 

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