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Compliance Auditing

Course Available Online


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Compliance Audit Training Course

In this 2-day version of the compliance audit training course, you will learn to perform compliance auditing of process safety management (PSM) and risk management program (RMP) systems in accordance with OSHA and EPA regulations. Attendees will also learn the fundamentals of compliance auditing as well as how to perform compliance auditing of PSM and RMP programs, document the audit results, and structure reports for optimal effectiveness.

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Who Should Attend This Compliance Audit Training Course?

  • Anyone who needs to develop an auditing program, which is suggested in Appendix C of OSHA's PSM regulation
  • Those needing to design or improve an overall auditing program for either a facility or company
  • Those with good PSM regulatory knowledge should take the Compliance Auditing with PSM Overview course [102]. You can also first take the Process Safety Management course [100] which provides a more in-depth review of the PSM requirements.
what will I learn in this COMPLIANCE AUDIT TRAINING course?
  • Learn the fundamentals of auditing to help you structure effective PSM/RMP audits
  • Receive auditing tools based on programs that have been successful at companies like yours
  • Gain experience in an audit team environment with real-time constraints
  • Immediately begin using the auditing tools you get in this course to determine your facility’s PSM/RMP compliance
  • Practice auditing techniques, interviewing personnel, and obtaining consensus among team members
  • Obtain hands-on experience in reviewing PSM/RMP programs and documentation and in writing specific, concise audits
  • 1.2 CEUs, 1.2 COCs, 2.0 CMs, ABIH approval #10-216
DURATION: 2 days

Dates & Locations

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Day 1: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • Fundamentals of Auditing:
    • Scope of the audit
    • Audit techniques
    • Auditor qualifications
    • The audit report
    • The audit process
  • Auditing the PSM/RMP Programs and Their Processes and Products
    • PSM/RMP coverage and process boundaries
    • Employee participation
    • Process safety information
Day 2: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • Auditing the PSM/RMP Programs and Their Processes and Products (continued)
    • Process hazard analysis
    • Hot work permits
    • Operating procedures
    • Management of change
    • Training
    • Incident investigation
    • Contractors
    • Emergency planning and response
    • Mechanical integrity
    • Compliance audits
    • Pre-startup safety review
    • Trade secrets
    • Management system
    • Hazard assessment
  • Audit Follow-up and Tracking
  • Certification Examination (optional)
  • Course Summary


Mr. Henrique Paula - Senior Consultant, ABS Group

Mr. William Bradshaw - Senior Risk/Reliability Engineer, ABS Consulting

Mr. Daniel Machiela - Senior Risk/Reliability Engineer, ABS Consulting

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