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LNG as a Marine Fuel Technical Overview – Gas Fueled Ship Design, Operation, and Safety


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This 2-day interactive course provides a technically focused overview of LNG marine fuel vessel design, construction, safety and operations. This includes LNG fueled vessel design and construction criteria, current technical developments, safety and monitoring systems, gas fueled vessel  operations procedures and  precautions, LNG bunkering considerations, the risk assessment process, crew training and competence requirements and regulatory compliance. ABS Group has been instrumental in the development of LNG marine fuel safety, design criteria and technical guidance that ship owners, operators, designers and builders, as well as regulators, rely on in order to meet the exacting risk management and safety considerations for adoption of LNG as a marine fuel. Published guidance, including the IGF Code, STCW Training and Competence standard, USCG Policy Letters and ABS publications, ABS LNG Technical and Operational Advisory, LNG Bunkering in North America will be the source of some of the course material, but ABS’s practical experience, knowledge and lessons learned from actual LNG marine fuel projects and ongoing involvement at the forefront of the LNG marine industry will form the backbone of the course.

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Who Should Attend this course?
  • Anyone who needs to learn how to design, construct, and safely and operate LNG marine fuel vessel.
what will I learn in this course?
  • Learn from experts how to meet the exacting risk management and safety considerations for adoption of LNG as a marine fuel

  • Take home valuable materials to help you on the job

  • 1.2 CEUs, 1.2 COCs, 2.16 CMs, ABIH approval #10-222

DURATION: 2 days

Dates & Locations

No courses scheduled at this time. Please view our course calendar for other relevant courses.



Day 1: 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.

  • LNG 101: Properties and Characteristics
  • Why LNG Marine Fuel? Global fleet status, environmental and regulatory drivers
  • Gas Fueled Ship Design and Operational Characteristics
  • Fuel Storage Systems and Operation
  • LNG Fuel Hazard Controls
  • Fuel Storage Systems and Operation
  • LNG Fuel Hazard Controls


Day 2: 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.

  • Monitoring, Control, and Safety Systems
  • Safety Equipment and Devices
  • Gas Fueled Ship Safe Working Practices
  • Fire Fighting and Emergency Response
  • Pollution Prevention and Regulatory Compliance
  • LNG Bunkering Table Top Exercise


Robert Kamb - Manager, LNG Services for ABS Group

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