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Risk Management Program Compliance


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Learn about the mandated components of a risk management program (RMP) and how to implement a compliance strategy. Learn the basics of hazard assessments, emergency response programs, and risk management plans (RMPlans) as well as the current rulemaking and enforcement initiatives such as EPA audits.

Prerequisite(s): Students should attend Process Safety Management Compliance to learn about the prevention program requirements.


Who Should Attend this course?
  • Anyone involved in the development and communication of RMPlans as required by EPA's RMP rule 40 CFR 68
what will i learn in this course?
  • Learn how to perform and document hazard assessments
  • Learn how to upgrade your OSHA process safety management program and emergency response program to meet EPA's requirements
  • Use the results of these required programs to help make risk management decisions
  • Document the results in a format that the public will understand 
  • 0.7 CEU, 0.7 COC, 1.17 CM, ABIH approval #10-219

Dates & Locations

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Day 1: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • RMP Overview: Technical Elements, Recordkeeping, Enforcement, and Air Permits
  • RMP/PSM Coverage Differences
  • Program Levels and Management System
  • Offsite Consequence Analysis
    • Identifying candidate scenarios/selection rationale
    • Using EPA offsite consequence analysis (OCA) guidance and other modeling approaches
    • Identifying public environmental receptors
    • Workshop: Offsite consequence analysis
  • Five-Year Accident History
  • Emergency Response Program
  • Risk Management Plans
    • Creating an executive summary
    • Compiling the RMP data elements
    • Submitting and updating RMPlans
  • RMP Communication and Outreach: Guidance, Issues, and Lessons Learned
  • RMP Rulemaking and Enforcement Update


Mr. Michael Roberts - Senior Engineer and Manager of Consequence Analysis, ABS Consulting

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