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COVID-19 Preventive Measures Standard

COVID-19 Preventive Measures Standard

Building Back Trust and Assuring Confidence

New Health and Safety Risk Management Standard for Hospitality Sector

The coronavirus pandemic has major consequences worldwide for the way people work, recreate and organize their social lives. Following global lockdowns in Spring 2020, organizations in the hospitality and entertainment sectors are gradually restarting operations and reopening for business using recommended health and safety guidelines. To support organizations in regaining trust and building back consumer confidence, the Kiwa Nederland B.V. and ABS QE Quality Assurance Alliance is now offering the COVID-19 Preventive Measures Standard to help verify your health and safety management system.

Achieving this standard and adopting its risk management framework will help organizations demonstrate that they have a system in place to manage staff and consumer safety in a pandemic environment.

A globally accredited certification provider, ABS QE will evaluate whether an organization has adopted a process to identify COVID-19 hazards and has a plan in place to address the health and safety requirements associated with these risks. Once demonstrated, Kiwa will issue a quality assurance mark verifying there are processes and preventive measures in place to mitigate and reduce COVID-19 risks.

 COVID-19 Preventive Measures Standard


Download COVID-19 Preventive Measures Factsheet

Controlling Risk for Safer Operations

Demonstrate compliance and promote confidence through verifiable quality assurance.

Standard Benefits:
  • Give your organization a tool to ensure all applicable requirements have been implemented within the organization.
  • Because the assessment is performed on the actual premises of your business, you create clarity for your customers at the same time. With the quality mark, yourorganization makes safety visible.
  • Assure trust and promote standards of excellence in health and safety to support customer satisfaction.
  • Make work processes transparent during this transition for employees and customers.
  • Following the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle, continuous improvements to your organization's processes can be made in a structured manner resulting in increased safety and transparency in your organization.
  • After obtaining the quality mark, organizations can display that their facilities comply with the recommended measures that apply to their sector.

Successfully Implemented at Flagship Collaborative Workspace 

"There are so many different rules and regulations that are constantly evolving when facing a virus of this magnitude. With the knowledge and guidance of Kiwa and ABS QE, our team has effectively implemented and addressed every component in our company to ensure that the protocols of a safe and healthy environment are met to reopen with confidence." – Francesco Costa, Chairman of Spring Place Beverly Hills

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