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Cybersecurity Market Sectors

Cyber Security - Industries

A cyber incident carries real-world, global effects.

Defend your critical assets and operations.

Cyber incidents are on the rise with the expansion of digital systems, devices and networks. Along with increasing regulatory pressure, cybersecurity is now a top priority for your operations and an important safety issue.

ABS Group applies over 150 years of best practices and innovation to help multiple industries reduce their cyber risk. From risk assessments to remote monitoring and training, we support a range of industrial, commercial and public market sectors in securing their IT and operational technology (OT) systems. Explore our featured cybersecurity services by market sector.

Maritime Cybersecurity

Maritime, Ports and Terminals

150+ years of maritime best practices and innovation

ABS Group is working across the global marine industry to implement cybersecurity as early in the design, development and construction processes as possible. As an affiliate of ABS, we are building on this heritage and safety mission to support the maritime digital transformation.

Maritime Cybersecurity Ports and Terminals Cybersecurity

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Cybersecurity for the Offshore Assets


For over 45 years, we have provided safety and risk management expertise to help develop guidelines now widely accepted across the offshore industry. We are implementing cyber best practices to enhance safety policies and processes for asset owners, operators and drilling contractors worldwide.

Remote Monitoring and Managed Services

Cybersecurity for MTSA Facilities

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Cybersecurity for Oil, Gas and Chemical Facilities

Oil, Gas and Chemical

We can help you plan and implement cybersecurity as part of process safety management while verifying compliance with regulatory requirements and guidance across the oil, gas and chemical value chain. Our team reviews cyber policies, plans, procedures and controls to help clients improve facility security.

Process Industry Solutions

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Industrial Manufacturing

Industrial Manufacturing

Threat in the cyber environment is extensive and multifaceted, and the nature of cyber attacks are continually evolving while the frequency is increasing. Industrial manufacturing now faces risk to their OT systems and supply chain. Our consultants can help your organization address uncertainty by systematically identifying, prioritizing and managing cyber risk from an enterprise perspective.

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Cybersecurity for Government Agencies


Industrial cybersecurity is part of ABS Group's complete portfolio of enterprise risk management solutions. We help government agencies identify, reduce and manage cyber risk to safeguard public safety and minimize potential threats to critical infrastructure, including transportation and utility assets and operations.

Security Risk Management

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Power and Energy

Power and Energy

As part of the nation's critical infrastructure, our service portfolio supports the power industry to implement and manage cyber measures that will not only help to maintain compliance with North American Electric Reliability Corporation Critical Infrastructure Protection (NERC CIP) but also minimize industrial cyber risk, including vulnerable OT systems specific to energy production.

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