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Cybersecurity Solutions

Cyber Security Solutions

Cyber risk is an operational safety issue.

Identify the controls you need to manage it.

How do you define and manage cyber risk? Do you have a proactive plan in place to monitor it throughout the full lifecycle of your assets and across all operations? Is your vessel or facility compliant with the latest requirements?

ABS Group approaches cybersecurity as a risk management function. Our risk-based solutions cover every stage of your cyber defense for both information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) systems. We offer capabilities based on a client's specific needs and unique operating environment to support existing organizational strategies for risk, reliability and operational safety. Explore our portfolio of custom cybersecurity solutions to get the visibility and control you need to reduce cyber risk.

Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

Technology risks are derived from the exploitability of an asset's functions, through its connections, and by human or digital identities. Our risk assessment process focuses on analyzing potential cyber threats using the ABS FCI Cyber Risk Model™. This method helps our clients understand their unique cyber risk levels so they can make better decisions and investments.

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Cybersecurity Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring

Through our remote monitoring and managed services, we provide 24/7 monitoring capabilities to help you prevent, detect and respond to an emerging cyber threat and reduce the likelihood of a cyber attack. Our commitment is to deliver remote consulting solutions anytime, anywhere to help you reduce cyber risk, limit response times and enhance your overall cybersecurity program.

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Cybersecurity in New Construction

New Construction

Cybersecurity must be factored into the initial design and planning stages of your newbuild project to minimize supply chain risks and other cyber exposures during operation and production. Our cyber risk management solutions help ensure high productivity and less down-time throughout the new construction process.

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Cybersecurity Specialized Consulting

Specialized Consulting

Our network of highly skilled and experienced consultants brings together professionals from multiple industries and backgrounds to provide you with integrated capabilities. Specialized consulting is an end-to-end service for customers requesting agile cybersecurity solutions typically aimed at enhancing your organization's maturity.

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