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Industrial Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructure Protection: Power and Energy

Industrial Cybersecurity for Power and Energy Critical Infrastructure

OT Cybersecurity: Hackers Know, Do You?

  • Only 22% of security professionals have the visibility to defend against modern threats

  • 45% of ICS organizations do not have internal dedication to 24/7 security response


Go Beyond Compliance - Powerful Cyber Protection

In recent months, an unprecedented number of cyber attacks have crippled critical infrastructure and essential industries that rely on Operational Technology (OT).

One of the biggest threat vectors facing critical infrastructure is the rapidly converging OT and OT environments. Once attackers make their way into the targeted environment they can infiltrate and control organizations, supply chains and communities.

NAES and ABS Group: A Partnership of Protection

NAES and ABS Group have strategically partnered to address the rising cyber threats facing critical infrastructure in the power and energy industry. Our solutions provide the answer to the pressing industry need for risk mitigation against relentless threat actors. We deliver end-to-end cybersecurity services that integrate IT and OT systems and networks in a single solution.

Industrial Cybersecurity - Visibility and Control

Industrial Cybersecurity: Visibility and Control

To proactively prevent operational disruption or unplanned downtime that could cause an economic impact to your organization, ABS Group has designed a comprehensive, single solution to manage OT cybersecurity risks, including network monitoring and management for operational technologies, networking devices and your critical ICS.

Our vendor agnostic approach allows us to support all original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and industrial control systems (ICS). 

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Security Standards: NERC CIP

Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) involves protection of vital physical and cyber systems in order to preserve the physical and economic security of the electrical grid. The protection of Bulk Electric System (BES) critical assets is one of the top priorities at NAES.

We help you ensure compliance with NERC CIP Standards in all six NERC Reliability Regions, providing complete oversight of your CIP compliance program as well as consulting services, training and audit preparation.

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Industry Insights

eBook: How to Seamlessly Integrate Cybersecurity Into Your OT Systems

How to Seamlessly Integrate Cybersecurity Into Your OT Systems

A power plant's lack of cybersecurity is often reflective of the organization's overall risk management posture. Discover the benefits of a vendor-agnostic approach to cybersecurity.

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eBook: 5 Reasons to Implement an Industrial Cybersecurity Program Today

5 Reasons to Implement an Industrial Cybersecurity Program Today

Understand the top five (5) threats to your industrial cybersecurity and how you can implement a comprehensive cybersecurity program that protects your daily operations.

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NAES NERC Compliance Program Management

A Comprehensive Solution for NERC Compliance

Learn more about the integrated approach to achieve and maintain a NERC compliance program with self-managed implementation.

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Cyber Alert: New State-Sponsored APT Cyber Tools Targeting ICS/SCADA Devices, Multiple Industrial Control Systems

A Cybersecurity Advisory was released to warn that certain Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) actors have exhibited the capability to gain full system access to multiple Industrial Control System (ICS)/Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) devices.
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NAES In the News: The Road to Cyber Security

Michiko Sell, Supervisor, NAES NERC CIP Services, contemplates how to address cybersecurity and offers 8 basic actions from the National Cyber Security Alliance that individuals can apply now to navigate the road to cybersecurity.Read More

How MSSPs Help Companies Mitigate Operational Technology-Specific Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities

Are you up to date with the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) risk considerations that government and private sector organizations can use to better mitigate against third-party risk? Read More
NAES Webinar

Webinar: The Importance of Implementing OT Cybersecurity for the Power and Energy Industry

In this webinar, NAES and ABS Group cybersecurity specialists speak to the benefits for the design and implementation of effective and comprehensive OT cybersecurity programs that go beyond the NERC CIP requirements.

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Risk Matters X.0 Podcast


Episode 16: Lights On, Threats Off - Navigating Cybersecurity in the Power Industry: Cyber attackers know exactly what essential services can cripple us. Recent attacks on critical infrastructure have forced the power industry to take a step back and precariously assess its OT and IT controls. As the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) standards continue evolving to address today’s threats the heavy question remains: Is it enough?

Join host Ian Bramson, Global Head of Industrial Cybersecurity, Dr. Dennis Hackney, Head of Cybersecurity Services Development and Michiko Sell, NERC CIP Services Supervisor at NAES Corporation, to explore how the regulatory environment is changing industry-wide and what role industrial cybersecurity plays in providing an essential layer of protection.

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