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Ports and Terminals Cybersecurity

Ports and Terminals Cyber Security

Defend Your Critical Assets and Operations

Cyber attacks are accelerating in frequency, variety and severity, making cybersecurity a business imperative for ports and terminals. The convergence of information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) systems has pushed cyber risk management to the forefront of safety, security and operations.

ABS Group's Cybersecurity team can help maritime facilities meet the latest international guidance and standards for cyber risk management. We'll help facility owners and operators understand how to apply risk-based controls and establish a resilient cybersecurity program within any maritime port or terminal. Our team of experienced cybersecurity engineers and regulatory advisors are qualified to assist you on the path to compliance.

Understand Your Cyber Risk

Underpinning our end-to-end Cyber Risk Management and Cyber Risk Rating (CybeR2) Program is the ABS FCI Cyber Risk™ model, which calculates cyber risk levels to help you understand vulnerabilities in your facility and/or vessel. Our approach gives owners and operators a practical, actionable strategy to reduce cyber risk onboard a vessel or at a facility.


Consulting solutions to help scope and develop cyber programs.

Examples: Gap Analysis, Policy Development, Incident Response Planning, Vessel Assessments


Develop in-depth capabilities to protect networks and assets.

Examples: Training, Asset Management, Vulnerability Management


Identify, respond, remediate, and recover from cyber attacks.

Examples: Monitoring, Intrusion Detection, Incident Response Services, Forensic Analysis

How We Can Help with Port/Terminal Cybersecurity

ABS Group's services go beyond traditional assessment and consulting to include technical cyber capability development and cyber risk management for identification, protection, defense, detection, response and recovery. Our capabilities include installation of cyber technology and the ongoing management of cyber services, including
security monitoring, identity management and asset management. Our comprehensive services for maritime facilities and critical infrastructure include:

  • Compliance Management
  • Port / Facility Cyber Risk Assessments
  • Cyber Capability Buildout and Enhancement
  • Defense in Depth and Breadth for Facility Security
  • Cyber Maturity Report Identifying Cyber Risks
  • Design of Seismic Restraints for Equipment and Utility Systems
  • Cyber Maturity Road Map Outlining 3- to 5-Year Plan for Steady Cyber Improvement
  • Training Solutions for Cyber Risk Management
  • Understand NIST Cybersecurity Framework
  • Identify Cyber Risk at Your Facility
  • Learn the Difference between IT and OT Risks
  • Evaluate Cyber Risks Specific to Your Facility
  • Understand How to Review Cyber Risk Maturity
  • Apply Cyber Risk Reduction Controls Using NIST Guidelines and Other Cybersecurity Requirements

Cyber Risk Management for MTSA-Regulated Facilities

A trusted ally to government agencies, ABS Group offers a range of cybersecurity services to help maritime facilities throughout the nation implement a compliant cyber risk management program.

The U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) makes clear in Navigation and Vessel Inspection Circular (NVIC) 01-20 that facilities must conduct effective cybersecurity assessments in order to meet the existing Maritime Transportation Security Act (MTSA) regulations. That means facilities like yours are expected to address cyber risk in its existing facility security plan. ABS Group's cybersecurity team has deep domain expertise working with the Coast Guard and in emergency management and facility security. Learn more about our services for MTSA-regulated facilities.

MTSA-Regulated Services

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