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Security Vulnerability Assessments

Security Vulnerability Assessments

ABS Group is a leading provider of security vulnerability assessments (SVAs) for critical infrastructure including water, wastewater, power (nuclear, fossil, hydro, renewable), natural gas, telecommunications, as well as oil, gas and chemical facilities. We also offer additional risk related services in support of the various critical infrastructure and their missions.

We provide security risk management services, engineering expertise, physical security experience, in-depth knowledge of regulatory requirements and a deep understanding of multiple industry and government sectors. We have successfully enabled many of our clients to control security risks while realizing reductions in security operations and maintenance costs.

Solutions that Assess Possible Weak Spots

Engineering-Based Physical SVAs

  • Physical SVA of critical facilities/assets for risk of various malevolent threats (theft, sabotage, assault team, product contamination, cyber-attack, attacks using explosives, etc.)
  • Risk and Resilience Analyses considering threat likelihood, vulnerability and consequence
  • Security system effectiveness determination for deterrence, detection, delay and response to various malevolent threats for critical facilities/assets
  • Security upgrade and mitigation recommendations with cost estimates
  • Security improvement strategies and prioritized implementation plan using risk reduction, benefit-cost analysis and other client ranking criteria

Mitigation Measures Development

  • Security countermeasures and mitigation measures (physical hardening, perimeter barriers, intruder delay, intrusion detection, monitoring and surveillance, access control systems, security policies and procedures, redundancy, etc.)

All Hazards Vulnerability Assessments

  • Natural Hazard Threats (earthquake, flood, hurricane, tornado, wildfire, landslide, severe weather, etc.)
  • Man-made Threats (malevolent acts, terrorism, cyber attacks, technological, accidents, etc.)
  • Dependency Threats (utilities, employees, suppliers, customers, transportation, etc.)
  • ANSI J100-10 Standard for Water and Wastewater Vulnerability Assessment

Force-on-Force Exercise Support

  • On-site rapid vulnerability assessments of defenders and vital equipment
  • Consequence predictions for air blast and fragment hazards on personnel, structures and exposed equipment

Regulatory Compliance Assessments

  • Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) assessments per 10 CFR Part 73, US NRC Reg. Guides 5.69 and 5.76, NUREG/CR-6190)

Emergency Response Planning

  • Emergency response plan development and updating, business continuity planning, incident response plans, emergency actions plans, message mapping, etc. 

FERC Dam/Hydro Plant SVAs

  • Application of FERC and U.S. Bureau of Reclamation's DAMSVR tool for SVA of dams/hydro plant facilities to provide a uniform means of assessing security risks and identifying mitigation actions to lower unacceptable risk
  • Site security plans developed to address higher risk security threats

Training and Exercise Support

  • Training topics include explosion basics, blast and fragments loads on structures, response prediction methods and design methods
  • Security awareness training, security equipment and policies and procedures training, and security incident exercises (TTX, functional, full-scale)
  • Emergency response plan training, ICS, NIMS, incident response plans, emergency action plans, tabletop exercises, functional exercises, full-scale exercises, and after action reports

Structural Analysis, Design and Construction Management

  • Security upgrades and mitigation actions design and construction management (CM) (physical hardening, intrusion detection, monitoring and surveillance, access control systems, security policies and procedures, redundancy, etc.)
  • Natural Hazard mitigation actions design and CM – structural and non-structural (seismic retrofit of buildings and structures, equipment bracing and anchoring)
  • Dependency mitigation actions (emergency backup power, spare parts & supplies, cross training of personnel, emergency response plan, business continuity plan, etc.)

Register of Security Engineers and Specialists Member

ABS Consulting, a subsidiary of ABS Group, is an approved member of the Register of Security Engineers and Specialists (RSES), which is sponsored by the UK Government's Centre for Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI). For UK support via RSES, contact


Related Services

Security Risk Management

ABS Group helps clients mitigate their exposure to security risks by helping them to understand and reduce their risk profiles, optimize insurance expenditures, train personnel and confirm compliance. The services portfolio we offer includes, among others:

  • Security Manpower Performance Evaluations
  • Security Plan Development
  • Compliance Audits and Inspections
  • Security System/Technology Performance Evaluations
  • Cybersecurity

Explosion and Thermal Hazards

Industrial and government clients turn to ABS Group to evaluate explosion and thermal hazards. We model the dynamic response to blast overpressure, fragment impact and blast-generated debris. We perform explosion testing to proof-test protective structures, and fire modeling to assess thermal hazards involving propellants and flammable gases. And assess event mitigation measures to:

  • Reduce severity of the incident
  • Design protective construction
  • Model evacuation procedures
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