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COVID-19 Response and Testing Services

COVID_19 Response and Testing Services


ABS Group COVID-19 Response Team (CRT)™

  • Turnkey solution: testing, contact tracing, vaccine distribution, logistics, pre-planned worksite returns
  • Member experience providing COVID-19 services nationwide supporting one of nations’ largest statewide vaccination programs
  • Members provided 600K+ COVID-19 tests across 42 states

Turnkey COVID-19 Response Services

The ABS Group COVID-19 Response Team (CRT)™ provides integrated service offerings in support of clients. The team is comprised of industry experts with a broad array of capabilities and experience, including companies specializing in medical and non-medical staffing solutions, logistics and site preparation, transportation and warehousing and patient wrap-around services.

Community COVID-19 response requirements must be addressed in a holistic manner to effectively combat the pandemic. Our goal is to provide a unified approach for the rapid deployment of COVID-19 services. Members of our team currently support such programs at the federal, state and local levels with full lifecycle services including testing, vaccination and pre-planning for safe employee return to work scenarios.


Our services support the full lifecycle approach from testing and contact tracing to vaccine distribution and pre-planned worksite returns.

COVID-19 Testing

Contact Tracing


Logistical Support

Restart Risk Model

Support Functions

The ABS Group CRT has industry experts in a wide variety of fields allowing us to provide several support functions to surrounding communities.





Our Team of Experts and Partners

Our Global Government Sector (GGS), headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, is well versed in deploying cutting-edge technical expertise and services for federal agencies such as the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the U.S. Department of Transportation and the U.S. Department of the Interior. We are a team of trusted risk advisors and recognized safety experts who are driven to help federal and state agencies meet their most pressing challenges.

Interdisciplinary Medical Advisory Group 

ABS Group developed an Interdisciplinary Medical Advisory Group (IMAG) that includes epidemiological, clinical and public health policy experts. The IMAG provides value for our clients by offering on-demand industry and subject matter experts. 

Jake Stenzler

Jake Stenzler, PhD - IMAG Chairman

  • Executive-level business process support; Coordinate reach-back capability
  • Vice President, Global Government, ABS Group; Experienced in Federal project oversight

Joyce Johnson

RADM Joyce Johnson, DO, MA - Epidemiology Subject Matter Expert (SME)

  • Epidemiological guidance; Insights on global health trends and health policy
  • Clinical Professor, Georgetown University; Board Member, UMD Medical Systems; Former Chief Medical Officer "Surgeon General" for the United States Coast Guard (USCG); Medical licenses (MD, VA, DC)

James Calderwood

James Calderwood, Jr. - Medical Administration and Pharmacology SME

  • Medical administration and pharmacology guidance; Insights on vaccine administration
  • Director of Operations, Mosaic Pharmacy Service; Disaster Health Registered Nurse deploying to numerous medical disasters

David Canton

David Canton, DO, MPH, JD - Public Health SME

  • Public health and medical-legal guidance
  • Member of USCG Tricare Board of Directors; Former member of National Medical System/ Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA); Active medical license in CA; Master's Degree in Public Health; member of CA State Bar

Lisa Harmon

Lisa Harmon, PhD - Nursing/Tribal College SME

  • Nursing experience with an emphasis on emergency/flight administration; Tribal guidance
  • Nursing Department Faculty and Chair at Salish Kootenai College of Nursing

In addition, we have aligned with trusted organizations to provide holistic COVID-19 response services. The goal of these partnerships is to provide capability and capacity that exceeds our client’s requirements. Our ability to rapidly mobilize provides a low-risk / high-value solution for our federal, state, local, tribal, territorial, insular and commercial customers.

Our Partners (1)
Our Partners (2)

 ABS Group COVID-19 Response Team (CRT)™     Member Experience and Capabilities


Bench of over 5k healthcare professionals are available, if needed, across the country.


Testing capacity doubles monthly, with complementary molecular tests conducted as needed.


HIPAA compliant with testing experience in over 42 states and an average 3 days to mobilize.

Support Worker Safety with the Restart Risk Model™

As restrictions continue to lift and the expectation for swift COVID-19 testing and vaccinations rise, how can we provide our communities peace of mind as they transition to the new normal? The Restart Risk Model™ builds on guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), offering a way for organizations to systematically evaluate the risk of disease transmission to their sites, operations and work areas. This risk-based framework will help organizations develop a plan to restart operations with enhanced working practices that address the new normal business environment after the pandemic.


Applying the Restart Risk Model framework, we will analyze sites to understand which work areas and activities present the greatest risk to workforce safety based on several network and transmission risk factors. We have simplified this by developing industry-specific templates that can be customized to any business or operation. The analysis begins with sitewide risk factors, then builds a site-specific profile that identifies unique work areas. Risk factors for each area are scored against area-specific benchmarks and recommended ranges.

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Why ABS Group?

Protecting Our Communities with Rapid Response to Risk

Every day, our engineers, analysts, consultants and auditors provide technical and management support services to hundreds of companies and government agencies operating in the U.S. and around the world. Our national presence is widespread, with offices located in Texas, Virginia, California, Tenessee, Maryland and Missouri. Our Government team leverages ABS Group's safety and risk expertise to bring the right personnel with the right experience, knowledge and capabilities to meet the needs of diverse organizations.

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