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Marine Vessel Management Software

ABS Nautical Systems - Fleet Management Software

Going Virtual for the 20th Annual NS User Conference

Join us for our #NSUC2020 webinar series! Our annual NS User Conference offers a valuable opportunity to learn, collaborate and explore the NS fleet management software for desktop and mobile.

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Moving the Digital Fleet Forward

Maritime Fleet Management Software for Data-Driven Decisions

Today, owners and operators in the marine and offshore industries are facing more challenges than ever – a changing workforce, a constantly evolving regulatory environment and an uncertain economic outlook. Achieving operational efficiency while maintaining compliance is critical to success.

At ABS Nautical Systems (NS), fleet management software in the marine and offshore world is our focus. Our software design, implementation approach, industry expertise and ongoing support reflect a deep history in the maritime sector. We offer a unique understanding of the challenges in the maritime industry supported by the depth and breadth of experience at ABS and ABS Group. We offer powerful business intelligence solutions for a complex world, with technical management and compliance software that solve real problems for real mariners.

Next-Generation Marine Fleet Management Services

Nautical Systems is the leading fleet management software provider. Learn more about our software modules and enterprise asset management services for achieving operational efficiency and maintaining compliance.

Role based controls enforce process and approvals.

Offline capability allows work to be done anytime with automatic syncing to the office when connectivity is available.

Replication to enable real-time visibility to every vessel, as well as the entire fleet.

KPIs enable one-click quick access to critical tasks and management actions.

Flexible questionnaires and custom forms capture customized data sets for trending and analysis.

An easy and cost-effective option for implementation, deployment and management of the Nautical Systems software.

Improve accuracy with:

  • Real-time data capture directly from ship automation systems and sensors
  • Secure marine-grade appliances
  • Improved accuracy of logged data
  • Automated import of data to NS systems

Nautical Systems Software Modules

Meeting challenges in the maritime industry for 30+ years

The NS Enterprise fleet management solution is made up of software modules designed to deliver unparalleled operational and compliance support to improve efficiency, ensure safety and drive performance.

NS HSQE and Vetting Manager

HSQE and Vetting Manager
Drives safety culture with a process centered on safety, risk mitigation and management of change

NS Voyage Manager

Voyage Manager
Provides visibility into critical performance areas, including environmental compliance

NS Workboat

A first-of-its-kind mobile solution designed specifically for the workboat sector 

NS Maintenance Manager

Maintenance Manager
Facilitates lifecycle maintenance and survey planning for improved cost control, resource management and equipment reliability

NS Purchasing Manager

Purchasing Manager
Enables unified management of procurement and inventory control activities to increase efficiency

NS Crew and Payroll Manager

Crew and Payroll Manager
Supports a comprehensive workforce management process to easily and efficiently schedule the right crew

NS Drydock Manager

Drydock Manager
Supports faster Drydocking with management tools for planning, bidding, execution and analysis

NS Insight

NS Insight
Turns operational data into management information by exposing hidden value in existing data for enhanced decision-making

Professional Support Services

Achieving a clear match between business expectations and project plans is crucial to success in implementing enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. ABS Nautical Systems' Implement for Success methodology ensures that objectives are met on every project and the interests of the mariner are included in every activity. 

Using the Implement for Success methodology, technology is deployed to match business needs. This method employs a five-stage process of configuration and training activities leading to fleet-wide adoption and continuous improvement. At every stage, the project team focuses both on getting the system ready for the business and getting the business ready for the system.

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