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Improve Reliability and Lower Maintenance Costs for Critical Assets

  • Reduce Inventory Carrying Costs
    Strategically identify spare parts and stocking strategies to reduce inventory costs by up to 40%
  • Improve Operational Performance
    Optimize your maintenance strategies to reduce wrench time by up to 30% while increasing availability
  • Plan for Sustainability
    Systematically identify the equipment impacting your business the most to focus improvement efforts where they will count
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ABS Group Maintenance and Reliability Services

Struggling to hit your maintenance goals? We can help.

EAM Assessments

Evaluate the maturity of your reliability practices to identify improvement opportunities that will drive the greatest returns while ensuring program sustainability.


Utilize our expert knowledge to help boost your team to the next level. Our experts will work alongside you to optimize your maintenance program.


Train your team to implement reliability-based maintenance solutions, including asset criticality ranking and asset strategy optimization.


Establish workflows, processes and procedures necessary for efficient and sustainable maintenance operations.

Reliability Analytics

Effectively configure and populate your CMMS with data required to perform data analytics to drive reliability improvements and gain efficiencies.


Establish your internal support and oversight teams and identify responsible parties for all reliability-based activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Enterprise Asset Management?

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) refers to the coordinated planning and implementation of activities to realize value from assets through a balance of costs, risks and performance.

What is a CMMS?

A CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) is a type of software used by owners/operators to:

  • Execute asset management processes
  • Maximize asset data gathering with minimal impact to end user
  • Increase maintenance efficiency
  • Simplify tracking of assets and parts
  • Produce meaningful metrics to drive business improvements
  • Integrate technologies to automate condition-based maintenance
  • Ensure regulatory compliance and ease reporting

Where do I Start?

If you’re an owner or operator of a marine vessel and are looking to improve your asset performance over its life cycle — ABS Group's EAM quiz is a good starting point.

If you need additional help, we encourage you to schedule an Asset Management Assessment with one of our experts.

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ABS Group offers Asset Management, Maintenance and Reliability services ranging from full partnerships to individual consulting projects (evaluations, strategy, foundational maintenance, inventory controls, advanced reliability, etc.).

Take the Asset Management Assessment to identify opportunities for improvements.


Mr. Dimitris Mattheou

CEO of Arcadia

"We are confident in ABS Group’s approach and look to validate our processes – with a strategic focus to improve our tanker’s efficiency and reliability – leveraging their technical expertise and strong EAM experience. The outcome of this work will make a significant contribution to our current efforts to strengthen our asset management process."

Mr. Kostas Karathanos

Technical Manager of Minerva Marine

"We decided early on to partner with ABS because of the team’s insights into our business processes, their technical expertise, and strong EAM experience. We expect the outcome of this work to make a significant contribution to our current efforts on improving the lifecycle efficiency and reliability of our assets."
Our global Maintenance and Reliability services range from system and application selection through full implementation, integration and support.

Whether we're consulting on the establishment of foundational processes or facilitating advanced reliability practices, ABS Group helps companies develop and optimize their capabilities.

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