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Oil, Gas and Chemical

Oil, Gas & Chemical

Industry Leader in Process Safety Management

Global Oil, Gas and Chemical is one of the largest and most diverse market sectors that ABS Group serves. The sector consists of traditional onshore upstream, midstream and downstream oil and gas facilities, as well as petrochemicals, specialty chemicals, liquefied natural gas (LNG) and similar facilities. Our technical experts help decision makers understand, prioritize and manage operational safety and performance and help assure project success in a cost-effective manner.

Keeping Process Safety Management (PSM) moving during the COVID-19 crisis with remote capabilities for your PHA and PSM audits.

We offer remote and virtual solutions for process hazard analyses, compliance audits, facility siting studies and training to help you achieve your regulatory compliance and performance objectives.

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Improving Profitability for Midstream and Downstream

ABS Group's Safety, Risk and Compliance experts help companies succeed in deploying major capital projects using cost-effective solutions, developing and sustaining their regulatory and social "license to operate," and helping to ensure the safety, reliability and efficiency of compliant operations.

With unparalleled industry knowledge and a commitment to providing value-added asset performance management capabilities and technical solutions, our goal is to help clients achieve operational excellence and maintain safer, more profitable operations throughout the oil, gas and chemical value chain and asset lifecycle.

Managing Capital Project Success

We offer scalable project quality management and risk solutions for owners and operators of oil, gas and chemical assets to help them reduce costs associated with construction while improving productivity, confirm predictable and competitive project performance, verify construction progress and results and reduce schedule variance and delays resulting in faster time to production.

As an independent, global provider of safety, risk and integrity management services, we offer objective, accurate advice based on expert analyses and modeling. ABS Group employs a comprehensive risk-based approach that manages various types of risk so that our clients' high-performance assets and operations run more efficiently, while also helping them meet regulatory compliance and protect their reputation.

Focused on Global Operational Excellence

With recognized industry leadership in process safety, our experts specialize in integrated engineering and safety service solutions. From conceptual project solutions for complex engineering problems to design review and inspection services to verify compliance with relevant international, national, or industry standards, we can provide high-value performance assurance to help you achieve operational excellence throughout the oil, gas and chemical value chain and lifecycle.

Industrial Cybersecurity Solutions

Protect Your Facility's Operational Technology

We work with process-driven and asset-intensive industries to understand and control their unique cyber risks and protect their operational technology (OT) systems. Our Industrial Cybersecurity team applies deep domain expertise across a range of asset types and facilities in the energy and government sectors. Our portfolio of cyber solutions can help you identify and mitigate cyber threats to minimize the risk of productivity loss and downtime. Learn more about our Remote Monitoring and Managed Services.

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