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Industrial and OT Cybersecurity Solutions

Industrial and OT Cyber Security Solutions

Industrial Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructure

Take Control of Your Operational Technology Security Risks

Digitalization has become a market reality and the cyber threat landscape is evolving faster than capabilities are being built. As a result, industrial cybersecurity is now an industry-wide business imperative. Without the proper operational technology (OT) cybersecurity strategy in place, your operations could easily become compromised. 

The ABS Group OT Cybersecurity team works with a diverse range of clients, including maritime, offshore, industrial, oil, gas and chemical, power and energy and government to understand their unique OT cybersecurity risks and help them build industrial security solutions to reduce the likelihood of an attack. From the earliest concept and design phases to integrating a program into existing operations, we'll help your organization develop and implement the security solutions and controls you need to manage cyber risk.

Risk-Based Solutions for Converging IT-OT Systems

ABS Group approaches industrial cybersecurity as a risk management function. Our risk-based solutions cover every stage of your cyber defense for converging Information Technology (IT) and OT systems. We offer industrial network security based on our client's specific needs and unique operating environment to support existing organizational strategies for risk, reliability and operational safety. Without a comprehensive industrial cybersecurity program, organizations open themselves to the risk of losing visibility and control over their OT assets.

Industrial Cybersecurity Managed Services

Cybersecurity Managed Services

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your OT networks, including continuous monitoring for potential attacks.

Industrial Security Operations Center (ISOC)

Industrial Security Operations Center

We oversee all activity 24/7/365 from our centralized ISOC with no interference to your

Supply Chain Cyber Risk Management

Supply Chain Cyber Risk Management

Manage the risks you inherit from your suppliers by controlling exposure and detecting vulnerabilities.  

OT Cyber Security for New Construction

OT Cybersecurity for New Construction

Minimize threats and increase productivity by factoring cybersecurity into the initial design and planning stages of construction.

Specialized Cyber Security Consulting

Specialized Cybersecurity Consulting

Receive guidance for critical decision-making in OT environments, including insourcing, outsourcing, technology, vendors and more.

Zero Trust for OT Cyber Security

Zero Trust for OT (ZT4OT™)

Utilize Zero Trust strategies that work with your IT and OT environments, network access and compliance requirements.

Our Ecosystem of Partners

Our partners make the difference. With customers industry-wide, including critical infrastructure, we understand there are niche cybersecurity needs and challenges that must be addressed. Our agnostic approach and dedicated partners allow us to integrate products and services into comprehensive cybersecurity solutions that allow our clients to take control of not only their OT risk but their IT risk via our trusted team of cybersecurity experts.

Nozomi Networks
Operational Technology Cybersecurity Coalition

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