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Power and Energy


Leading Risk Services for Global Renewable Energy

In today's evolving, highly competitive energy market, asset owners and investors are seeking new ways to produce resources, implement capital projects and make acquisitions that maximize return on investment. They must also meet increasing demands for safer, more reliable and environmentally compliant assets and operations.

ABS Group has decades of experience and deep expertise in the onshore and offshore energy industries. On any given day, our interdisciplinary professionals could be involved in certifying offshore wind farms across the globe, leading comprehensive due diligence on power plant acquisitions, providing state-of-the-art nuclear risk and safety assessments, overseeing outage planning and execution or providing reliability consulting and maintenance management systems for power and renewable energy producers.

Our technical advisory experience and capabilities span all of the major generation technologies in use today, including nuclear, renewable and conventional generation. As innovation continues, ABS Group is applying skills and knowledge increasingly to emerging technologies such as energy storage and distributed energy resources.

Browse our latest Renewable Energy insights to discover the depth of our knowledge.

Integrated Services across the Asset Lifecycle

ABS Group has 40 years of experience in the international power sector and more than 11 gigawatts (GW) of global offshore wind project experience. Our integrated service offerings in the Alternative Energy sector are designed to create value to help our clients achieve optimal results and performance during the expected service life of an asset. Our solutions range from initial concept and development to acquisition support, engineering, construction, operations and maintenance, through to end-of-life decommissioning or asset reuse.

Project Support, Safety and Risk Services

ABS Group offers integrated project support, safety and risk management services to the global renewable energy and power sector. Our solutions address the various aspects of project development, planning, due diligence and execution. We provide advisory services to help create overall project technical and commercial strategy, independent engineering to validate design concepts and project execution, due diligence support on acquisitions, risk analysis to satisfy internal and regulatory requirements, and global inspection capabilities to confirm quality across the project supply chain.

We can support your project or acquisition from concept to implementation so that you achieve your return on investment and minimize risks during all phases of asset ownership by:

  • De-risking projects through independent due diligence services
  • Providing Owner's Engineering services to support all phases of EPC development, planning and execution
  • Verifying quality across the international supply chain through global inspection and certification services
  • Setting strategy and achieving competitive procurement through advisory services

Renewable Energy and Power Asset Management

Whether you are bringing greenfield power assets to commercial operation, acquiring existing operational assets or supporting your own portfolio, ABS Group has solutions through its integrated Power Asset Management Services to help you achieve and sustain world-class operations. Our experienced team provides reliability consulting, enterprise asset management strategies, computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) integrations and upgrades, NERC compliance and safety services to help our clients navigate a complex and evolving market environment.

Through these integrated services, we help asset owners achieve and sustain operational excellence, identify performance enhancements during the due diligence process, mitigate risk and comply with the ever-changing set of regulations that apply in the modern power and renewable energy markets.

Protect Your Power Plant's Operational Technology

We work with the energy industry, traditional and renewable, to gain visibility and control over its unique cyber risks and protect Operational Technology (OT) systems and critical infrastructure. Our industrial cybersecurity team applies deep domain expertise across a range of asset types and facilities in the power and energy sectors. Our portfolio of cybersecurity solutions can help you to implement and manage the cyber measures that will not only help to maintain your compliance with North American Electric Reliability Corporation Critical Infrastructure Protection (NERC CIP) but also minimize your industrial cyber risk.

Learn more about our Cybersecurity Remote Monitoring and Managed Services.

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