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Marine and Offshore

Marine and Offshore Safety, Risk and Reliability Services

Comprehensive Asset Performance Solutions

We help clients improve asset reliability and performance on the journey to operational excellence. A subsidiary of one of the world's leading classification societies, ABS Group applies deep technical expertise and more than 150 years of best practices and innovation across the maritime and offshore industries. Our integrated capabilities in Cyber Security, Enterprise Asset Management and Advanced Engineering provide increased confidence in the safety and sustainability of operations. Explore our portfolio of data-driven safety, risk and reliability capabilities.

Cyber Security and Cyber Risk Management

Security by Design for Operational Technology

Cyber security is a business imperative as maritime and offshore operations become more digital and information technology (IT) converges with operational technology (OT). We work with clients to understand and control their unique OT cyber security risks, applying our deep domain expertise across a range of asset types and facilities in the maritime, energy and government sectors. Our Cyber Security experts help clients identify, measure and address cyber threats to minimize productivity loss and enhance safety. 

ABS Group is working across the marine and offshore industries to implement security as early in the design, development and construction process as possible. This will make cyber security a consistent and integral part of operations from the beginning. Our cyber security and risk management services include: 

Manage Your Cyber Risk

Enterprise Asset Management

Driving Efficiency, Compliance with Business Intelligence 

We combine our software and enterprise asset management (EAM) systems expertise and experience from 100+ system upgrades to help you streamline and reduce maintenance costs. Our EAM programs are designed to minimize scheduled or unscheduled downtime and optimize asset performance using the latest digital technologies and data-driven risk and reliability solutions.

Aging marine and offshore assets require major overhauls and EAM system upgrades as well as asset performance management programs that consider safer and more efficient operation throughout their planned lifetime. Our engineers and software solutions teams are prepared to manage upgrades, rebuilds and commissioning. After the initial repair/rebuild phase, we can help you develop a maintenance strategy and routines that promote more effiecient and effective operations onboard your vessel or facility.

Maximize Your Asset Performance

Advanced Engineering

Supporting the Entire Lifecycle of Your Asset or Fleet

We support clients throughout the entire asset lifecycle by providing guidance on enhancing safety, efficiency and performance to organizations. We offer solutions for inspecting and verifying technology and equipment designs, delivering safety, risk and compliance services, optimizing asset performance, providing advanced engineering support and certifying management systems to the marine and offshore industries.

Our suite of integrated safety, risk and integrity services are focused on: 

  • Sustaining Safety: Our full range of Health, Safety, Environmental (HSE) and Sustainability services can help you implement management systems that meet regulations and deliver results.
  • Managing Risk: Our comprehensive risk management solutions help identify, assess and mitigate risks to promote project and business continuity.
  • Verifying Integrity: Our independent technical advice, project quality management and reliability and inspection services improve integrity at each stage of the complete asset lifecycle.
  • Optimizing Performance: From program management and planning to quality and training implementation, our solutions help you drive performance in all aspects of your operations.
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